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5th birthday party.... Please can I have your best party games

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Dappymummy Thu 13-Nov-14 10:22:39

Dd having her 5th birthday party in a hall. Decided after discovering how much an entertainer would be to do the party ourselves! Having around 20 children coming and the party is an hour and half long. Have bought masks from yellow moon to colour / decorate when they arrive but then need to play some games. Will do pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel and musical statues/ bumps. Want to think of something that will keep them entertained for a bit longer like a treasure hunt too. But not sure how to do this. Please can I have your best party games to keep them happy. I am dreading not having enough to do. Dd has only been to parties with an entertainer so not very confident.

dinkystinky Thu 13-Nov-14 10:27:25

Musical statues/musical bumps - ones that are out get to help spy out next ones to get out

keepy uppy with balloons

Pass the parcel - make sure there is a prize in every level or there will be tears

decorating biscuits

sleeping lions

What time is it mr wolf (only if its a big hall though)

Simon says

Cies Thu 13-Nov-14 10:30:09

dance competition , eg dance like a monkey , like an alien , like a dinosaur , like a princess .

VirtualPointyHat Thu 13-Nov-14 10:44:02

My brownies favourite game.

They all sit in a circle on chair facing inwards.

They take off one shoe each and put it in the centre of the circle.

You take it in turns to pick up two of the shoes.

Whoever the shoes belong to, jump up and hop the whole way around the circle back to their chairs.

First one back wins their shoe back.

Continue until everyone is re-shod.

Encourage other children to cheer for those hopping

PavlovtheCat Mon 17-Nov-14 21:45:36

oooh i am bookmarking grin

PavlovtheCat Mon 17-Nov-14 21:48:34

I would say though, that with 1.5 hours, plus food, and the initial excitement and some running around, you don't have to do lots and lots of games.

We are having a bouncy castle in our hall, and doing 3 party games. Got to have pass the parcel, it's compulsory, and love the suggestion of Sleeping Lions! Love that game grin

FaithLoveandGrace Sun 23-Nov-14 19:38:21

Following with interest as DP and I are currently trying to organise a party for DSS's 5th birthday smile

Mummies - lay in a lot of cheap loo roll, split them into teams, one is the mummy and the rest have to wrap them in the loo roll 'bandages' - the team with the neatest mummy wins.

BlueChampagne Mon 24-Nov-14 13:02:56

Duck duck goose
Pinata - being allowed to hit something with sticks is always popular!

For a treasure hunt, you really need at least one competent reader if you're going to do clues. Otherwise just get a load of sweets and hide them in lots of places and let them charge about.

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