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suggestions for indoor games (lots of space) for 9,10, 11 yr olds

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winnie Thu 05-Oct-06 13:32:36

along the lines of musical statues & musical chairs (could involve a ball or bean bags)?

All suggestions (with rules) gratefully received.

There will be at least 10 children.

PandaG Thu 05-Oct-06 13:39:05

team games eg

over and under - line up, pass balloon over your head to person behind, 2nd person pass through legs to 3rd person, repeat over then under, person at back of line run to front and repeat until each team member has been to front and original front person is back again

balloon race - balloon between knees, run (waddle) a short distance, pass to next team member - can make passing to netx set of knees no hand s allowed to make it harder, repeat

pea game - dried marrowfat peas and straws, one straw per child. pick up a pea by sucking through straw and keeping it vacuumed to bottom of straw, run short distance and deposit in container, next team member repeat till all peas moved

winnie Thu 05-Oct-06 13:43:31

pandag, brill, thanks

PandaG Thu 05-Oct-06 13:44:30

obstacle fun race - hop so far, then jump, then egg and spoon, then put on hat coat gloves, throw 2 beanbags into target, crawl under net/chair legs, hula hoop, run back, depositing clothes in right place for next team member

choc game - wrap a large bar of choc in paper, have hat scarf and gloves (can be oven gloves to make this difficult!) takes turns to shake a die, if you get a six put on hat scafr etc, and attack choc with knife and fork, only allowed to eat one square at a time, can continue until someone else throws a six, can be quite riotous!

this the kind of thing you want?

PandaG Thu 05-Oct-06 13:45:16

sorry didn't see your last post can you tell I've done a lot of children's parties!

bambi06 Thu 05-Oct-06 13:49:46

dont know name of game but my niece[aged 11] taught it me..on eperson in charge and the others line up facing them at othe rend of room and they say for eg..if you had cereal for breakfast today take one step, if youre wearing blue today take one giant stride/fairy step/bunny hop etc get teh idea and then teh first person to reach the leader wins and then its their turn..or of my an dmy kids favourites is `may i`, again line up oppsite teh leader and then they say ie..sarah ..take on e fairy step and then`sarah` has to remember to say may i or she loses her turn, the variations are..bunny hops, lamp posts[lying down on the floor and where there fingertips touch thats where they stand] umbrells//[atwitzle like an open umbrella whilst taking dainty little steps] fairy steps, squashed tomato [both leader and child fold arms in front of them and run to each other and bump and where they `meet` is where the player stands ..remembering each time to say `may i` s fun and you can make up different moves ..hope you can understand it.

winnie Thu 05-Oct-06 23:41:43

thanks guys you have been so helpful

cat64 Thu 05-Oct-06 23:50:14

Message withdrawn

cat64 Thu 05-Oct-06 23:54:00

Message withdrawn

winnie Thu 05-Oct-06 23:57:59

cat64, thank you

winnie Fri 06-Oct-06 11:46:54

Any more?

cat64 Fri 06-Oct-06 12:26:41

Message withdrawn

cat64 Fri 06-Oct-06 12:29:24

Message withdrawn

cat64 Fri 06-Oct-06 12:33:49

Message withdrawn

winnie Fri 06-Oct-06 12:53:07

cat64 thank you

winnie Thu 27-Sep-07 13:51:58

Can I please resurrect this thread and ask for further contributions. TIA

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