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Fussy eaters tell me what food you would eat at my party please.

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nappyaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 09:57:51

butter chicken, korma, tikka masala, chilli con carne, chinese curry with rice or jacket pots

chow mein

bolognese, meatballs with pasta or jacket pots

sausage casserole - tomato or gravy based

stew, soup or fish/seafood chowder with crusty cobs

hot dogs

pulled pork/chicken baps with bbq sauce or stuffing and gravy

sausage baps

CMOTDibbler Thu 23-Oct-14 10:00:10

I'm not fussy, but am coeliac. I'd be able to have the butter chicken/korma/tikka and rice though.
There isn't anything for veggies or vegans at all

nappyaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 10:09:10

As of yet no veggies coming smile

JubJubBirds Thu 23-Oct-14 10:10:01

I'm so intrigued about your party. Is it a sit down party? Are all these dishes available in a a buffet style?

I wouldn't have the hot dogs or stew/soup/chowder. I'd probably have a pulled pork bap and be very happy with it because I love them!

nappyaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 10:19:29

it will be buffet style. everyone's bringing a fold up chair to sit on so they will be able to sit down but not at a table.

nappyaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 10:21:27

Jub Do you not like hot dogs cos you don't like the frankfurter hot dog sausages? What about bratwurst or regular sausages in hot dogs?

JubJubBirds Thu 23-Oct-14 10:30:52

Sounds fab!

Yes, I would eat a hot dog if it were a good sausage in a bun but not a frankfurter.

bakingaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 10:41:05

I'm not really a fussy eater but i'd swap some of the curries and chilli on the basis that it's all quite samey for some nice tandoori chicken with chapattis or wraps and a bit of salad or do fried chicken, burritos or tacos.

IMO it is a bit heavy on the curries and soupy stew things if you see what I mean but obviously it's your party and you know your guests' tastes better than anyone.

nappyaddict Thu 23-Oct-14 10:52:21

I probably won't do all of the above. They are just options I am thinking of which is why I was asking which things people would/wouldn't eat.

Jub I don't like frankfurters either smile

Jins Thu 23-Oct-14 10:58:05

I'm a fairly fussy coeliac and I'd probably not eat anything unless I knew for sure about gluten content.

Looks ok for most people I'd have thought but I'd definitely have something veggie and perhaps plain jacket potatoes and bowls of salad dotted around

ElephantsNeverForgive Thu 23-Oct-14 11:04:14

You have actually done the impossible and come up with a menu where my annoying fussy DD would eat at least 1/2.
Korma/butter chicken, spag Bol, meat balls, rice, pasta, baked spuds and sausages.

She'd be in heaven most places she gets one choice if she's lucky.

NurseRoscoe Wed 29-Oct-14 22:35:47

I always thought I was quite fussy but I like most of the food here (apart from anything fish)

Simple food is good, it's fancy food I have a problem with as people could hide fish or unknown meat in there lol!

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 29-Oct-14 22:46:49

I don't know what butter chicken is

I would eat a plain jacket potato & maybe a hot dog if it was a normal sausage not a German type one.

I'd also eat the crusty cob or a sausage bap.

TrickoftheMind Wed 29-Oct-14 23:01:22

Lots of choice there. The really picky could just have a bap grin

What does spring to mind though, is that some of that is quite tricky to eat from your lap. Do you have carpet?

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 29-Oct-14 23:15:42

If I went to a meal and any single one of those dishes was served as the main course I'd eat it, but if faced with a choice of all of them, the ones I'd be least likely to eat are:

Chinese curry (assuming you mean like Chinese takeaway curry) - Thai would be fine though.
Pulled pork - just not keen on this but would far rather have BBQ sauce than stuffing and gravy with it.
Sausage casserole - sausages only go with chips, mash or bread rolls, they turn all flabby and horrible in casseroles. That would be my least favourite option.

Also if the fish chowder had smoked haddock in it I would struggle to force it down, in fact even the smell would make me feel sick, I detest it, but any other fish / seafood is fine.

FishWithABicycle Wed 29-Oct-14 23:24:07

Even with no vegetarians coming it's a bit odd to have meat in every single dish. Many people who aren't vegetarian prefer not to overload their digestion with quite so much meat, and would prefer to have a small serving of a meat dish and fill the restof the plate with veg. How about some ratatouille instead of the meatball sauce, and some coleslaw as a side dish.

OhGodImAFreak Wed 29-Oct-14 23:32:34

I'm fussy as fussy can be (as in I'm lucky if there's something on a menu I like, I get all in a faff if I actually have to make a CHOICE) but would be very happy with that, if eat the butter chicken, korma (no rice but happy to have plain), the bolognese and the pulled pork smile

nappyaddict Mon 03-Nov-14 16:35:04

Freak do you not like rice? would you eat it with naan bread, chapati or jacket potato instead?

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