What do 10 year old girls do for their birthday celebration?

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TheRealCam Sun 01-Oct-06 12:26:27

My dd is nearing the Big 10 and I don't know what kind of thing to arrange for her schoolfriends.

Every year so far we've had a party of various descriptions, some at home, some not, but she says she's now grown out of that.

We don't want to do anything like a disco and a group visit to the cinema or similar isn't grabbing me?

Does anyone have any suggestions (it would be girls-only)

Saturn74 Sun 01-Oct-06 12:32:44

There are a couple of companies near us that lots of mums seem to be using for their daughters.

One is a ceramic painting party, the other a pamper party where they get their nails done.

Both come to your home though.

My son was invited a girl's party and she did a high ropes course at a local outdoor centre. All the children enjoyed it.

Ice skating is always fun - as long as everyone remembers to take gloves (and a change of clothes if you're not going straight home afterwards)!

TheRealCam Sun 01-Oct-06 12:39:51

Last year we had a jewellery-making workshop (at home) run by 2 women who own a lovely shop locally which sells theirs and other peoples hand made stuff.

They decorated the room beforehand and told a story and had music all connected to the making of the jewellery. All the girls went home with a bracelet, choker and bead/bell brooch that they made. It was fab.

I think I'm looking for an out of the home thing this time but bearing in mind that the birthday is in January we are limited from a weather perspective.

Her friend who was 10 last week took a bunch of girls to London for a west-end show

curlew Sun 01-Oct-06 13:35:53

For my dd's 10th we took 6 girls on the train to our nearest "big town" and had a meal in a good but cheap restaurant. I took the cake and every one had huge amounts of fun going for a grown up lunch out. It helps that the restaurant is Italian so the waiters really pulled out all the stops to make the girls feel special. I had some pencil and paper games ready for the train but I didn't need them.

Surfermum Sun 01-Oct-06 14:01:38

Last year dd and a friend, dh and friend's mum went and did "Go Ape" at a local country park. It involved climbing trees and poles and stuff and going down zip lines, followed by a picnic and a sleepover. I sat in the cafe with dd and ate chocolate cake .

glitterchick Sun 01-Oct-06 20:58:15

Myself and my friend have a business where we do Princess Parties (4-10 yrs) - nails, nail art, make-up, games, music, loads of sparkle and bling & Mini Spa Parties (10-16yrs) - nails, nail art, mini facials, chocolate fountain etc. A little bit different & goes down a treat especially if its girls only. Maybe something similar in your area is available?

jollymum Sun 01-Oct-06 21:07:35

Pizzas, videos and a sleepover. Stict times for bedtime and don't listen to what they talk about. Me and my dh were sitting on the stairs waiting for my 11yr old and 8 friends to go to sleep, at bout midnight! One bright spark piped up asking if anyone knew what a dildo was? We froze and died a death, hoping my dd didn't. The girl explained (we couldn't hear) and there was a universal "EEEEEEEEWWW" and sniggers. My Dh was so shcoked he barged in (forgetting he should knock etc..oh those bras) and was rewarded by shocked screams and total disgust!.

wheresthehamster Sun 01-Oct-06 21:36:23

We've done this a few times. Cram as many kids as legally possible into people carrier and head for theme park. In feb, half price wristbands only cost £9. Everyone has a great time. Not parents of course who just shuffle round after kids in the freezing cold. About 5 pm have meal in themed restaurant then come home.

TheRealCam Mon 02-Oct-06 10:39:41

Glitterchick where in the country do you operate?

My dd would be in heaven at the mini-spa thing!

I've done that one wheresthehamster

A group sleepover I'm still avoiding for as long as possible and after your story Jollymum, perhaps never

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