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First "proper" birthday party -4yo in winter and I'm stuck!

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Tiredoftiredness Sat 06-Sep-14 18:23:34


Just wondered if anyone had any bright ideas for winter birthday parties for 4 year olds?

Have never held a proper party for DS- up til now it has just been family and close friends over for tea and cake, but as he's now interacting with other children better I want to throw him a real party this year.

Problem is I'm a bit stuck on what to do, he's really not interested in crafts unfortunately so no chance of a village hall with activity tables etc. would ideally have liked a farm visit or something, but that could be truly miserable if it's cold and wet in early December!

Any bright ideas gratefully received!

hollie84 Sat 06-Sep-14 18:24:09

Soft play.

BlueChampagne Thu 11-Sep-14 13:16:17

Soft play or trad party games at home. Themes (eg dinosaurs) can be helpful. If budget allows, you could get an entertainer, or have the village hall with an indoor bouncy castle.

Primrose123 Thu 11-Sep-14 13:31:57

We used to book a bouncy castle party in a local leisure centre. The kids all loved it, and there were trikes and scooters too for them to play on. I think face painting was included too, although it wasn't very good! It's even better if another child has a birthday and you can have a joint party.

MissMilliment Thu 11-Sep-14 13:39:07

Yep, soft play is always a winner (for the kids at least - I suggest having a LARGE wine waiting for you when you get home afterwards).

We've also been to a few bouncy castle parties at a leisure centre and they were also great - and it was just the party kids in the room, so it was much easier to keep track of them all. Unless you pay £££ you're usually sharing soft play with the regular customers.

MissMilliment Thu 11-Sep-14 13:41:44

Having said all that, DS's birthday is November, and he had a couple of farm parties which were fantastic. Yes, the weather can be risky, but we were lucky both times. Depends how risk-averse you are I guess grin

AliMonkey Thu 11-Sep-14 14:00:02

Small party at home with party games and a treasure hunt and ( unless this counts as craft?) get them to decorate cakes or biscuits. Worked for us every time with Feb birthday (and a spring birthday) from age 4 to 7. Save the out of home parties for when they are old enough to start asking for something else.

But realise that for some people the idea if having it at home is a nightmare!

campingfilth Tue 28-Oct-14 19:26:55

I hire a hall and an entertainer job done as I hate soft play.

emanresU Mon 03-Nov-14 21:15:04

Hire a fire engine limosine

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