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How much do you spend on party bags?

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Bluedots Wed 30-Apr-14 00:39:24

Hi, just wanted to know how much people usually spend on party bags . My DD's 4th birthday party soon, just wondering what the eticate is? Thank you

lechers Wed 30-Apr-14 02:07:15

I don't think there is a set rule. I think it varies depending on the ages of the children going, how many are invited etc.

When I do big parties, I tend to spend less per child, but when they have smaller parties with only close friends there, I tend to spend more per head.

My preference is for one 'big' item and then some sweets. You can do this with books from the book people, but also look around. I have picked up hoops for a £1 each for a gymnastics party. Other friends have done things like bubble wands, decorated glasses / mugs etc. however, other children tend to do lots of little things (like balloon, plastic toys etc).

I don't think there is a set rule.

LoblollyBoy Wed 14-May-14 17:08:23

I have just done my first ever party bag shop. I am making six bags, and have spent about twenty five pounds including sweets and stuff that I will use as prizes for games (flags, stickers, pirate treasure). I'm hoping to encourage the children to put their prizes and sweets into their bags as we go along and then top them up with a couple of gifts at the end.

That said, if more kids were coming I would still feel comfortable with an overall spend of about twenty five pounds and would have purchased cheaper gifts.

babybouncer Mon 26-May-14 22:12:12

I aim for less than two pounds per head, but mainly because I am sick of the full party bags DS is given and then never touches. Recently he went to a survival party (camp fire cooking, den building etc) and only came home with a certificate and never mentioned the lack of a party bag! He is 5.

I am also a favour of one 'main' thing - book people are good for this- but this time around they're doing a craft activity which will go in, bit of cake, homemade bookmark, printed joke, kitkat with personalised wrapper and a keyring or coaster (99p). Last year they all had a Harry and the dinosaurs book wrapped up with a balloon and haribo pack and they all won a mini dinosaur and many stickers during the party. I think it is the easiest part of the party to save on.

FusilliJerry Mon 07-Jul-14 07:10:37

i did a giant bubble wand last year instead. They went down really well, and cost just under a pound each

JToTheCToTheCrisTotheT Mon 07-Jul-14 22:55:49

DS is having a 'bug' party in september, and I've started crocheting little stuffed ladybugs to put in plant pot, a jelly worm, chocolate button 'soil', sorted!

KCAREYW1987 Thu 10-Jul-14 17:49:45

I do sweet cones. 50 cones can be bought online for about £2.00 and I usually fill them with marshmallows (the small
cooking ones) which work out at about £1 a bag. These do about 3 cones each. A simple cost effective way to give a little something after a party.
My daughter is having a frozen party for her birthday and I've done these as 'snowman pieces'. Hopefully they will be a hit!
Hope that helps and goodluck with the party!

MsVenus Thu 10-Jul-14 19:56:52

I usually split a boxed set of books from the Book people & give each child a book, sweets & a slice of cake. The book works out cheaper than endless bits of plstic tat traditionally found in party bags.

Friedbrain Fri 11-Jul-14 14:10:22

Check Amazon out..

You can get great party bag stuff for a very little price...

I personally like spending alot on party bags with some cool stuff in them..

But we have been to parties where there is a balloon and afew sweets in there, which is totally cool and kids have loved them!

There's Definitely not a 'set' amount out there..

Vickisuli Fri 11-Jul-14 23:42:33

Agree that most of the tat they get in party bags is not worth spending money on especially if you buy it in the shops at 4 toys for £1 type prices. As someone else has said, on Amazon or ebay you can get 12 notebooks/bouncy balls etc etc for around £1-£2.

I like the idea of one main thing but it does mean that if any child is not that keen on that one thing they are gonna be disappointed, whereas at least with several small things there's bound to be something they like. My daughter went to a party where they all got a small but functional kite, which I thought was good.

For little ones you can do things very cheaply. I printed off some Disney colouring pictures and bought a cheap packet of crayons and split them between the bags. Also I regift some of the stuff they got from other parties :-)

My DD 8th party today, the party bags had: Loom bands (bought 1800 for £1.99 online and split them into small bags), bracelets with their names on (had the beads already, bought alphabet beads for £3), loom bracelets, stickers (12 sheets for £1.50 Amazon), glitter glue (15 for £1 in pound shop), notebooks (Amazon again), hairclips 30 for £1 in market, and a lolly (12 for £1 in pound shop). So I reckon I spent about £11 or £12 on 11 party bags and they got a really good haul of stuff they will actually use/like.

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