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Should I give sweets to the children in school for my child’s birthday?

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Fiona2011231 Mon 28-Apr-14 12:34:46

I have a child who is still at Reception class, so I have little experience regarding the school etiquette. May I ask this question?

I don’t plan to organize a birthday party for my son yet this year. Instead, we plan to have a small gathering in our family.

In this case, should I still bring the sweets/cakes to the school and ask the teacher to give to the children on the day? Does anyone do that?

Thank you

Flexiblefriend Mon 28-Apr-14 16:48:32

At my DD's school some people do bring in things like that for birthdays and some don't. I think its a nice idea. It gives him a chance to share his birthday with his school friends, as well as the party with family. If you are not sure of the etiquette at your school, maybe have a chat with the teacher to check. I'm sure they won't mind.

antimatter Mon 28-Apr-14 16:54:18

In my kids primary schools kids used to bring a cake or sweets, but classes were small.

MirandaWest Mon 28-Apr-14 16:56:31

At my DCs school the majority of children bring in sweets or chocolate when it's their child's birthday.

BikeRunSki Mon 28-Apr-14 16:56:59

In DS's school they bring in sweets for their class on their birthday; something easy for the teacher to divvy up like mini bags of Haribo. This is regardless of parties.

sittingatmydeskagain Mon 28-Apr-14 16:59:37

We take a bag of sweets in, regardless of parties. You can buy handy "30 pack" bags.

3bunnies Tue 29-Apr-14 17:25:39

Ours do though send in a mixture as some can't have chocolate due to nuts/milk, others can't have some sweets with gelatine due to religious requirements. I send a mixture and let teachers/ children when older select as appropriate. I always send a few extra in case one child takes 2 or if some left I say to give a few to their teacher.

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