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Disco party for 7 yr old girl

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Freya69 Sun 06-Apr-14 16:17:24

DD requesting disco for birthday but insists no DJ and pref no games. Invite list is at least 15/20 so tho big for house. Was hoping to get a DJ or someone to do all entertaining for once. DD wants everything' freestyle' i.e. no adult telling them why to do (or at least no unknown adult). Wants to choose own music. Happy to do playlist and hire lights but worried that music alone will not entertain most children that age for 45 mins/ an hour? Was hoping not to do a meal (just snacks to nibble)… Just trying to keep it simple but entertaining enough! Any thoughts, anyone run a disco with no games ? Thanks!

iwantavuvezela Sat 03-May-14 12:53:22

We had a person as a Dj for a disco party. (You can google lucky dip disco) He played vinyl and let the children choose records and put them on, and also got them up and dancing. I ordered those gold type curtains off eBay or amazon which I put around the house which made it look quite fun. Put a pile of tattoos in the bathroom for self application, and seemed to go well.
For party bags I ordered some blow up musical instruments.
I made mini hamburgers, and usual packets of crisps, drinks, bowl of fruit and cake. We played no formal games as such.

arna Fri 06-Jun-14 20:53:48

DD's 7th birthday was a disco at home. She compiled a playlist which included the 'Macarena' and 'Saturday Night' which I demoed to the girls. We still managed pass the parcel and musical statues though. I made an effort with the birthday cake - I made her a pink layered rainbow cake and for the 'party bag' - it was a Rainbow Magic book (courtesy of the Book People) plus a slice of cake and a pretty helium balloon (clear balloons from ebay which contained homemade confetti inside them). It was hard work. It's going to be a treat day out next year instead.

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