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Help with ideas for Easter Eg hunt for 150 kids

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TheHouseofMirth Wed 02-Apr-14 09:48:35

We are having our Spring Fair after school on Friday and I need to devise an Easter Egg hunt that doesn't involve just hiding chocolate eggs.

Basically, I imagine something a bit like a simple treasure hunt and once they've solved the clues/found letters or whatever they'll bring back their entry forms and will be given a chocolate lolly as a prize. As we're billing it as an Easter Egg hunt but not giving an egg as prize I guess the things they need to find ought to be egg shaped. The children are aged 3-11 and I guess we could have various levels of difficulty for the different age groups.

I can't think of anything fun or interesting and really need some help please!

TheHouseofMirth Wed 02-Apr-14 09:49:03

I can spell egg, really I can!

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