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Party games ideas needed and fast!

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Choccheesecake Tue 01-Apr-14 16:40:32

Just realised have 10 six year olds coming to our house after school on Thursday for a party and I have somehow focussed so much on the food/cake that I haven't got a clue what I am going to do with them. Ideas please for party games that will keep them happy without the house getting trashed. Pass the Parcel and musical statues so what?

Allalonenow Tue 01-Apr-14 16:46:40

Pin the tail on the donkey
Oranges and lemons
What's the time Mr Wolf? Best played in the garden!
Musical chairs

Allalonenow Tue 01-Apr-14 16:47:45

And best of all.....
Dead Men

Choccheesecake Tue 01-Apr-14 16:52:07

Does that involve them all pretending to be asleep? Fill me in NOW. How long can we play it for???

And - pathetic face - can't remember rules to oranges and lemons or what's the time mr wolf (garden fine as long as not peeing down)

BreakingDad77 Tue 01-Apr-14 16:54:30

Asda and tesco do those Pinata things to bash with a stick lol

fukkigucci Tue 01-Apr-14 16:57:04

Musical bumps - when the music plays everyone dances around, whoever is the last to sit down when the music stops is out.

Duck duck goose

Pass the parcel. Can take ages if you add forfeits to each layer.

Choccheesecake Tue 01-Apr-14 16:58:16

Oooh yes. Good idea <wonders how to stop them killing each other with stick>

Choccheesecake Tue 01-Apr-14 16:59:33

Thanks fukki - I was planning on a very big pass the parcel grin

Also getting them to make their own pizzas (bought bases and bits) a) because then they can't whinge that they don't like it and b) it takes longer

smorticus Tue 01-Apr-14 17:01:27

What about getting them to do a craft activity for half an hour?!! Glue, glitter, paper etc should keep them busy!!

Choccheesecake Tue 01-Apr-14 17:05:25

Oooh - as it happens I bought glitter snake kits from a very exclusive emporium the pound shop as going home presents so yes - if all else fails they can make them at us instead

Confess am hoping for warm weather and lots of general garden frolicky fun <cop out>

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