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Blondilocks Thu 17-Aug-06 21:24:19

My LO's having a party next month & I'd appreciate any suggestions for where to get party bag fillers from, preferably in packs. Most things end up working out really expensive when you multiply the cost by 20 - I don't mind paying if it's worth it but not really for junky bits of plastic IYSWIM.

So far I've got some pens to go in there so maybe a little notebook - LO really wanted pens to go in them for some reason!

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Belo Thu 17-Aug-06 21:28:57

{\Here} or {\here} are good.

camera Thu 17-Aug-06 21:29:02

i wouldnt bother they get thrown away

Belo Thu 17-Aug-06 21:30:19

Sorry, can't do links. One day I'll get it right. They've got lots of things from about 35p. Partypieces had small blackboards and chalk sets that I liked, plus wild animal masks. Thought that would apply to girls or boys. What ages do you need to cater for?

Belo Thu 17-Aug-06 21:31:35

Camera - thats what my dh always says - but come the time that we want to get rid of the little buggers they come in very handy

TenaLady Thu 17-Aug-06 21:34:20

Belo you need to put \link before and it should work just as you have typed it.

Blondilocks Thu 17-Aug-06 21:39:55

I find that the rubbishy plastic stuff gets thrown away but she's had some good things such as one party had jewellery from accessorise kids & one had some funky accessories, a little purse etc.

It's harder when it's boys & girls I together.

My LO will be 8 but the others will be aged 6-9,

I like the look of that partypieces website. Have you ordered things from them ok?

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Belo Thu 17-Aug-06 21:43:06

No, I havne't orded from them before. I read about them on a different thread. We've got dd1s party at the end of September and I'll probably use it for then. I've ordered stuff from cityormarvels before and was impressed. But, they might be better for younger ones. My dd1 will be 4 at her next birthday.

Blondilocks Thu 17-Aug-06 21:48:47

The city of marvels stuff looks really cool! & lots of it is unisex.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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housemum Thu 17-Aug-06 22:28:18

Cool idea for girls - I bought these personalised bracelets for my daughter's party, they arrived quickly and were gratefully received:


Ignore the words disney princess - that's just so lots of people look - they are just different coloured beads and the name in the middle.

Blondilocks Sun 20-Aug-06 12:23:27

Thanks Housemum.

Belo - I've ordered some stuff from City of Marvels - approx how long did it take to come when you did it?

The ordering process didn't seem that sophisticated - but it was a secure site which is the main thing. Have had an e-mail confirmation so I guess now I just have to wait for it to come

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Tommy Sun 20-Aug-06 12:29:53

I've always had good service form Party Pieces. I've just ordered some jungle theme stuff from there and got little notebook and pencils to go in party bags.

Blondilocks Sun 20-Aug-06 12:31:35

I'm always a bit weary of ordering from new websites .

Although DD is having a strop at the moment so am wondering why I ordered the stuff anyway :-S

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LunarSea Sun 20-Aug-06 17:54:03

Blondilocks - City of Marvels is run by a mumsnetter - lemonice.

JackieNo Sun 20-Aug-06 18:04:49

Hawkin's Bazaar have multi packs of little bits to put in party bags - look in the party section, I think.

Blondilocks Sun 20-Aug-06 21:23:12

I like Hawkins bazaar - discovered the shop before christmas, just in time for stocking fillers

I didn't know a mumsnetter ran City of Marvels - I did like that site (although too much of the stuff was suitable for the party bags & it was difficult to choose!)

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LadyMaloryTowers Sun 20-Aug-06 21:24:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tassis Sun 20-Aug-06 21:28:06

Books are often suggested on here

thebookpeople do great multipacks that are dead cheap

Furball Sun 20-Aug-06 21:30:24

I did books from the book people for my ds's 5th birthday with a slice of cake. if you look out for the books in a value pack of 10 or so they're quite reasonably priced and I felt better giving something decent than lots of plastic tat.

hulababy Sun 20-Aug-06 21:36:05

For DD's 4th birthday this year I gave each child a book (from The Book People), cake and a balloon.

Blondilocks Sun 20-Aug-06 21:36:38

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

The book people site looks good also. Will consult with DD and possibly get some as prizes.

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magicmummy Mon 21-Aug-06 23:50:15

I have quite a bit of left over party bag filler/small gifts stock. Have been ebaying it and car booting it, but if you're interested, let me know what sort of things you're looking for and how many of each, etc... Everything is really cheap.... (ie. from 5p upto about 35p)

Examples of some of what I have.....
Party Loot Bags
Powerpuff Girls Bags
Love Heart Straws
Jumping Bugs
Toy Clay
Pirates Teeth
Note Pads
Santa Hats
Pop n Catch


Blondilocks Tue 22-Aug-06 19:15:43

Thanks for the offer magicmummy, however my order from city of marvels arrived today - am very impressed at how quick it was - and I think I'm sorted now (except for deciding what games to play!)

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Skribble Wed 23-Aug-06 23:24:55

Multi packs of stuff like pens, rubbers, stencils and stickers from Tescos or Asda. It doesn't have to be trash and kids love stuff like that and only snobs would throw out nice stationary.

Blondilocks Thu 24-Aug-06 17:45:10

Kids can't seem to have enough pens and pencils - the only thing LO seems to lack at the moment is a pink pencil crayon! I agree that these kinds of things always go down well. LO wanted gel pens and notebooks so we've got those to go in them. (Woolies is also quite good).

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