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Alernative food after a swimming party?

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chicaguapa Thu 20-Mar-14 19:05:09

I love planning parties but do try to keep within a budget.

One plan is for DS(to be 10) to take some friends to a waterpark about an hour away. The waterpark does do a party rate which includes a Burger King meal.

But I was thinking of paying per person, ie the non party rate, and doing something else for food. I wondered about getting some takeaway pizzas instead and eating them in the car on the way back. We have a 7-seater so they'd all be together. It seems like it'd be cheaper than a happy meal each.

Do you think that would be fun for them? Eating in the car on the way home would also mean getting them back a bit quicker as it's an hour each way and then 2 hours in the pool.

Or do you have any other suggestions? I don't fancy the idea of a picnic in the car with sandwiches etc. Going to a restaurant nearby will take me over budget.

mumblechum1 Thu 20-Mar-14 19:16:36

I'd do the Bk thing tbh. It's just more of a treat to have a proper sit down meal imo and can you imagine what state your car will be in?!

WaitMonkey Fri 21-Mar-14 16:27:15

My worry would be the state of the car to he honest. Greasy pizza and spilt drinks. sad

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