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Brown Bowler Animation Party - Got to stop others being as let down

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Compelledtoreview Sat 08-Mar-14 12:16:24

Hi there

I am a hard working parent without spare cash and I want to protect others like me. I splashed out on the fantastic party concept offered by Brown Bowler. The concept being that the tools to make a short animation film featuring characters designed by the birthday boy/girl and party goers are brought to your venue and a copy for each party goer is sent to you afterwards. The host from Brown Bowler is a nice enough guy and its a fantastic concept but its awfully managed and executed and there is no follow up, which for £250 is a ruddy crime! Neither is the concept appropriate for those below 10 yrs which is not advertised or discussed at any point. I can see that Garfield does put a few hours in during and after the party but the party is a complete let down for the paying parent and birthday boy/girl. Given their inappropriate (which we did not know) age range the kids were not allowed to make their own figurines so the animation was shot with several generic models made by Garfield. The backdrops which we frantically made during the party were not used (frankly I should have insisted but there was no thought put into this by Garfield as a service provider). The kids could only work in 3s, which again was not explained, so there was no alternative activity planned, nightmare. The contents of the gift bags were pathetic, although nicely presented, and given that Garfield proclaimed the party was best suited to those over 10 the mini feltips, a sweet and the mini pad were an insult to any 10 year old. You got the figurine you made to keep which is a nice touch IF YOU GOT TO MAKE THEM! I got zero follow up after the party regarding the film and when they arrived they didn't play on my laptop, a request for help with this being ignored. I basically wasted 250 quid, I was let down, my daughter was let down and frankly I am embarrassed. Garfield might have put some hours in but he has no right to offer such an ill thought out and prepared 'service' to people for such a should be ashamed Garfield.

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