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6th birthday party at home - am I crazy?

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Surreybordersmum Sun 23-Feb-14 18:35:32

Ok so my daughter wants an explorer party for her 6th birthday and she'd like to have it at home, The theme is not a problem - I have plenty of ideas/decorations etc and so does she.
I'm a lot more worried about having the party at home. We have an old-fashioned home - aka two tiny reception areas - and lots and lots of stairs. My husband thinks having 14 girls that age in a home like ours is sheer madness because there's little room for them to run. I am more worried about the girls scampering upstairs outside the party area to somewhere potentially unsafe (e.g. our attic).
On the other hand, my daughter is really keen to have her party at home and I wouldn't mind saving the £££ it costs to hire a venue. What would you do? Am I crazy to even consider having 14 girls at home? Do you all hire venues?
Help, please!

ShatnersBassoon Sun 23-Feb-14 18:40:15

Can you seat 14 for tea?

Mildpanic Sun 23-Feb-14 18:56:49

Hi. I have just had my dd's 5 th birthday party at home. Like you I was petrified as time got nearer but I can confidently say it was the best idea I had.
There were 11 girls in total. Had loads of pens and colouring out for when they arrived as very bitty at that point with arrival over 15 mins and distracted with meeting and greeting etc. made room for all coats and shoes in the hall.
Did build a bear which I had got the kits for at a very reasonable price. All girls enthralled and enjoyed it bar one. My friend face painted during the party as well for those whose parents were happy for them to have it done.
Food, we just had a large disposable table cloth from Asda which we put on floor in middle of circle of girls, pizza, jam sandwiches, fruit and crisps was more than adequate. Girls happy to sit on floor. Birthday cake was homemade.
Played pass the parcel, bit of dancing, lots of balloons. Scheduled 90 minutes but we could have easily stretched to 2 hours.
We managed with three adults supervising no problem.
Big glass of wine when all girls collected but it was brilliant and really manageable. I don't really feel all that confident with kids but I managed fine, after all they were all my dd's friends.
Wouldn't hesitate to do it again next year with a different theme.
Sorry for the bad grammar and any typos's.

BlueChampagne Mon 24-Feb-14 12:52:52

Do you have a garden or park you can get them out into? Issue them all with magnifying glasses and send them on a minibeast/bug hunt?

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