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A 4 yo party in a tiny flat ... help!

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ScrimshawTheSecond Wed 27-Nov-13 17:03:01

Oh, I like the enhanced version of pass the parcel, thank you! And good to hear girls might enjoy the trains, too, ta.

We usually do a half-birthday party in May, too, so we can be out in the garden - I really think it's not fair for winter babies!

lilolilmanchester Wed 27-Nov-13 16:20:51

you could spin pass the parcel out by putting a task inside each layer (tell a joke, sing a song, impersonate a monkey etc). A variation on pin the tail on the donkey (e.g. nose on the snowman/clown or something) don't need much room for that and you can easily draw a snowman or clown's face. If you have a DVD player, maybe watch some cartoons? You could also play the mars bar game in a small space with 5 kids. My DD would have enjoyed playing with a train set, could you just get a few toys out in the kids' room and have some free play?

ScrimshawTheSecond Wed 27-Nov-13 10:59:41

Oh boy. Party in 2 days, we have no space for anything, no blooming money, no time, and no family to help out. Winter birthdays are tricky.

So, food and balloons and pass the parcel - how else to entertain five kids in a space the size of a shoebox? Other than moving house, does anyone have any good ideas to help?! Am thinking of decorating wooden spoons, and setting up train set in kids' room (mix of boys and girls, will the girls go for this?) to play with.

All other small and cheap suggestions most gratefully received. smile


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