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Brunch/Open House for friend relocating - December

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HoneyandRum Sun 17-Nov-13 18:11:05

I am hosting (on behalf of a big group of friends) a daytime celebration starting at 10am onwards for a dear friend who is returning to the US. I have asked everyone to bring a dish so don't need to worry about food too much but it is 13th December so close to Christmas. I have quite a lot of ideas re decorating etc. but would like some inspiration and links/photos if you have them.

We are in Germany and have a big open plan main area so have lots of space to have the buffet etc. we usually decorate in Advent colors (purple, pink and silver) until December 24th when we switch to Christmas decorations for the 12 days until Epiphany. I was thinking of having more white and silver and tone down the purple. I would love any inspirational ideas (especially cheap ones!). Also for the garden as our garden is walled and in the frontof the house so you walk through it to the front door. We usually have lanterns with candles in the winter and we want to do lots of tiny fairy lights - do IKEA do them?

Drinks: I was thinking mulled wine, Mimosas/Bucks Fizz (champers and orange juice), red and white wine, coffee, tea, water - have I forgotten anything?

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