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Youth hostel recommendations for a family gathering approx 25 people

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pinkpetrol Sun 17-Nov-13 16:38:02

The Eastbourne one is lovely. It is very modern and clean. It has a very big communal room for getting together in. You can only hire the whole youth hostel out of season so october to march tho

lalamumto3 Wed 13-Nov-13 15:47:19

Hi, I always seem to host our families weekend gatherings, this now runs to Approx 25 people a mix of adults, children and teenagers. To be honest after the last one I am exhausted, (Sat night dinner and Sunday lunch) it took a week to get it all ready and 2 days to clear up, wash bedding and towels and get the house straight again. I love us all being together and the time that we spend together, however as we host, we end up doing most of the work, a couple of the relatives do nothing and this is now really pissing me off (they also end up staying with us as well).
Anyway I am thinking of suggesting that we hire a youth hostel for the next one, spilt the cost and all contribute. I think that this will be the cheapest way of having a big family get together and I am hoping that I will not end up exhausted by it all.
Any thoughts on the plan and/ or recommendations for somewhere about 2 to 3 hours from London? Thanks

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