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is it worth hiring an entertainer for a 3 years old party?

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shoonow Wed 06-Nov-13 13:58:51

First time I throw a proper party for my child. We're inviting about 25 kids from preschool and family all around 3 and 4. If I hire an entertainer I think it might be a god send if all turn up but if 10 or less kids show up I'd feel like I could've saved the money. Of course I won't know how many are coming til very close to the date by then I might not find an entertainer!

It will cost £140 to £200 to hire an entertainer for 2 hours. Less than that time isn't much cheaper around £150
If I do without I'll get family to help and do face paint, balloons, bubbles, parachute , songs maybe learn a bit of balloon modelling, pass the parcel, craft/art stations and possibly hire a mascot/character for helper to dress up. .am I biting more than I can chew? It will work out about £80

Is it really worth it at that age to get an entertainer or will it be chaotic and not everyone paying attention to entertainer that we may as well do free play?
My kid Likes sitting down to songs and stories but other kids love running around instead getting other kids to join them ... I don't want to find that kids are happy playing with balloons than the entertainer I paid for lol am I being a bit unrealistic? As I said no experience with entertainers and kids parties. Thanks!

BlueChampagne Thu 07-Nov-13 13:32:56

How do bouncy castles compare (if you have room)? The kids will then pretty much entertain/exhaust themselves - all you have to do is police it and feed them!

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