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House Party ideas for things to do

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Googlella Tue 05-Nov-13 08:18:32

Bingo with a lucky dip of prizes. There are free bingo calling apps to save you the work.
A selection of board games.
Wii tournament.
I expect if you google family quizzes, you would find a selection to print off.
The older children could set up a treasure hunt for everyone. Supply them with post-it notefor clues and a bag of gold coins for the treasure.

Enjoy Your celebrations!

spababe Sat 02-Nov-13 17:47:49

Hi, I have a big birthday coming up and I'm having a house party. There will be 6 families with children aged from 10 to 16.
I have the food sorted as each family is catering for one meal and everyone is bringing booze.
The house has a games room and indoor swimming pool but it will be cold weather and not much chance of getting out in the garden.
Does anyone have any good ideas for games/icebreakers/quizzes or other similar things to do?

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