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Dinosaur party

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BlueChampagne Fri 25-Oct-13 12:17:15

DS2 has announced he wants a dinosaur party at home for his 4th birthday. There will probably be 9 or 10 children in total. Have duly ordered a dino-related craft activity and party bag fillers from Yellow Moon, but apart from 'pin the tail on the T Rex' and 'dinosaur's footsteps', can anyone suggest some dino-related games?


barefootcook Sun 27-Oct-13 06:43:15

I had a similar party for my DS3. We filled a very large fish bowl with plastic dinosaurs set in green jelly. We called it the dinosaur swamp and the children dug for a dino. The Dinos were washed and put in their party bag at the end. They loved it!

lilolilmanchester Sun 27-Oct-13 21:03:01

Play "sleeping dinosaurs" instead of sleeping lions; musical dinosaurs (aka musical statues but they have to walk round like dinosaurs then freeze into a dinosaur shape when the music stops) etc etc

SchrodingersHat Mon 28-Oct-13 19:46:53

I had a similar party earlier this year for my DD aged 3. What went down really well was a treasure hunt. The prize was some dinosaur eggs - salt dough made with coffee grounds which when fresh looked like a poo but when dry looked like a rock/fossil. After bringing them inside they broke them open to find a mini dinosaur (I bought a big tub of 50).

And something to do if you can sew. I made dinosaur tails for all the kids. Made them feel more like dinosaurs when doing the party games. Apart from the stuffing I didn't need to buy anything, all the fabric was from my stash.

I'll dig out the links later. grin

SchrodingersHat Mon 28-Oct-13 20:55:42

Dinosaur eggs here. Rather than bake them I dried them out for several days and just finished off those that weren't quite hard enough in a low oven on the day of the party. I used footprints as the clues, ie follow the footprints to find the eggs. Tails pattern, really easy to make.

BlueChampagne Mon 04-Nov-13 13:48:16

Great - thanks for the ideas!

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