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Throwing my child's first party! Help!

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Meganandeviesmummy Tue 15-Oct-13 20:56:18

My daughter is 4 in November, she really wants a party. Hubby and I agreed that she could have one. But he has left it up to me to organise, and he'll help pay-I have booked a venue and have invites bought but that's it!! A few people have already said ok but.....

When do I send invites?
Party foods? Age range of party is 0-9
Party bags?
Any help gratefully received

mousmous Tue 15-Oct-13 21:00:06

invites - as soon as possible
food - pile of finger foods, nothing too fancy, sharing platters type of things
party bags - kinder egg + a plastic toy?

birthday cake

Meganandeviesmummy Tue 15-Oct-13 21:05:08

I was thinking maybe sandwiches, crisps, cocktail sausages that sort of thing with maybe party ring biscuits, cakes and juice

jamtoast12 Tue 15-Oct-13 21:17:02

Depending on numbers, food boxes probably easier and cheaper with less waste. I've done boxes containing 2 sandwiches, crisps, cakes, box raisens and drink. Then few bags of harribo in bowls for kids to help themselves. Few kids eat it anyway!

Most important is the entertainer (usually worth every penny!). Get booked ASAP unless doing yourself ? Be prepared for rising costs...I've found organised parties (play centres of sorts etc at £10/head) work out cheaper unless very confident in running a hall one

girliefriend Tue 15-Oct-13 21:27:17

Get invites out asap, and put your mobile number on so parents can text you yay or nay. Also put the let me know by date for at least 10 days before the party so you have a fairly good idea of numbers.

Party bags are a must imo but then I enjoy putting them together, amazon do loads of bits and pieces like little note books, packets of pencils or crayons, bouncy balls etc - if you do a search for party bag fillers will give you a good idea.

Party games always go down well, esp pass the parcel, musical bumps/ chairs/ statues, pin the tail on something. Get friends to help and give them specific jobs for example being in charge of putting food out, tea and coffee for parents that stay (more will than you expect!)

If you can have a table in a corner for craft type stuff even if its just colouring or decorating a plate its nice for kids that don't like joining in games.

I had a friend do kids tattoos (again got a job lot from Amazon very cheaply) and this always goes down well.

Make sure you have something decent to play music on, it will need to play music loud enough to fill the hall above excited kid noise!!

Good luck grin

girliefriend Tue 15-Oct-13 21:28:49

Oh and always do extra food and party bags as normally a few turn up who you weren't expecting!!!

Meganandeviesmummy Tue 15-Oct-13 21:37:17

I've booked a soft play. It was £4.50 per child but you have to do your own food, if you want their food it's £8 per child and from my nieces party the food was awful and terrible value/quality (stale crisps and 1 chicken nugget per child?)

I just haven't been to many childrens parties so I didn't know protocols for invites, food etc

PoppyWearer Tue 15-Oct-13 21:47:34

Try to do cooked-but-cold food like pizza and sausages rather than sandwiches - very few children actually eat sandwiches! If you do some, keep it basic like plain cheese, no butter, and cut them into fun (crust less) shapes.

Crisps and Mini Cheddars are great. Something healthy is obligatory - carrot sticks, raisins, cucumber, cherry tomatoes (cut up) and grapes (cut up). Not all children drink squash - make sure you have water on standby, especially for soft play which will be hot/sweaty. Little bottles of water and (yes I know but) Fruit Shoots are easy peasy. Food boxes are a great idea if you are transporting food to a soft play.

For 4 year-olds, be prepared for a handful of parents to drop-and-go. This starts at 4yo parties. It means you have extra children to supervise as well as your own. Which means you need extra people to help - enlist siblings and grandparents.

4yos still love the novelty of "bits and pieces" in party bags, but the best ones my DCs have ever had have been simple: a Book People book (Little Miss/Mr Men lucky dip, for example) and a pack of Haribo or Buttons or a large Bubble Wand and a slice of cake. This type of thing is very easy to adapt on the day to how many actually show up (be prepared for some not to respond).

Alcohol and nibbles for the parents (a few crisps and cupcakes is enough) helps to oil the wheels.

BlueChampagne Wed 16-Oct-13 12:31:13 good for party bag bits.

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