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DS wants a Tree Fu Tom cake...

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shockedballoon Sat 05-Oct-13 08:35:01

...and they don't appear to exist in an easily-bought complete cake.

I wouldn't mind having a stab at making something, but I won't exactly be appearing on
Bake Off anytime soon-I probably bake about 3/4cakes a year currently.

They normally turn out ok, but this is DS's first birthday party (he will be 4) and he's very excited about the cake bit!

Tips on making a cake "tree-fu-y"? Or better still anywhere I can get the complete article that won't cost daft amountsof money?

(Nb - have actually celebrated his bday previously, but just as special family tea and day out thing, not invited friends thing!)

Balonder Sat 05-Oct-13 08:42:28

You could make any shape cake, cover it in green icing and maybe fondant leaves to make it tree-like and get some tree fu action figures to go on top. The toys can be kept. I did this with an octonauts cake recently. The cake was quite plain but the little figures were a big hit.

cindersinsuburbia Sat 05-Oct-13 08:42:58

No ideas how to do it free hand, heres some cake toppers on ebay though

cake toppers

shockedballoon Sat 05-Oct-13 17:39:19

Ooo - didn't know you could get rice paper cake topper thingys!

Ok, think a plan is forming - involving green fondant icing, rice paper characters and maybe orange coloured buttercream filling masquerading as magic sap! grin

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