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Could cry lack of response/acceptance to ds birthday :-(((

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Fourbears Wed 25-Sep-13 23:09:15

Sorry to hear this. It is hard when people don't respond quickly or can't come. Do you see the parents at the school gates? I ended up asking if the children could come in lots of cases, rather than waiting for responses. Could you give lifts if getting there is a problem for some? Hope it's a nice party for your ds, however many come in the end smile

NotInTheMood Wed 25-Sep-13 22:56:59

He wanted a swimming party invited 14 children one has broke their finger, another not a confident swimmer, one away to visit family that weekend and another at a wedding. I've had 3 def, 2 possibles but they have not received the invite got lost between school and home and rest no reply I've given til Saturday but am not overly familiar with parents. Ds main friends cannot make it and have genuine reasons. I've invited another two children plus sibling. I am just hoping to have the minimum 10. Just cannot relax. The two possibles I am hoping will be begging to come at this rate as I know one mum doesn't drive. Wish I'd never chosen a swimming party now :-(((

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