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7yr old DD small birthday party at home. Help!

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LipSyncParties Wed 08-Jan-14 15:23:31

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turnipsoup Tue 17-Sep-13 07:04:49

get them to decorate the birthday cake or cakes for a midnight feast? You can buy modelling chocolate that is a bit like chocolate playdoh.

Tacos for tea... teaco shells, chicken, mince, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream etc. They all help themselves.

You can buy treasure hunts online for under £10 if you wanted to do something out and about, I know there are loads for our local area online.

I only have DS's but I wouldn't do a sleepover party at 7 unless I knew the parents well enough to be calling them at 3am telling them that we are dropping their DC back!

partyprincesz Tue 17-Sep-13 06:45:21

You can think about these games for sleepover party:
1)Talent Show or Video the kids performing to music. Lip sync is fun or air guitar/sax etc.
2)Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt: Hide eggs and prizes outside. Everyone brings a flashlight to the party. Hide items like fingernail polish, body mists, not just candy.
3)Popcorn Toppin'-Pop some plain popcorn. Give everybody a couple of dishes with popcorn in them. Have your guests put on all the toppings you want.
*cinnamon and sugar
*melted butter, pizza seasoning, and parmesan cheese to make a pizza kind o'popcorn
Party Princess Productions

Noggie Thu 12-Sep-13 22:57:39

My dd painted ceramic owls with a few friends for her 7th birthday- they are reasonably priced on baker Ross (?) website.

MamaTo3Boys Thu 12-Sep-13 22:54:21

I don't have any DDs, just DSs, however, a friend of mine has a DD who just turned 7. She had a sleepover, some DVDs, bit of party food and cake, let them all crash on the living room floor with their quilts untill bedtime and they all loved it smile

airyfairy1978 Thu 12-Sep-13 22:40:06

How can I make it special on a budget? Don't know where to start.
Is 7 too ypung for sleepover?

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