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Mystery party 9yr old girls

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3birthdaybunnies Mon 02-Sep-13 21:52:58

Just wondering if anyone has done a mystery party for girls? Not sure on numbers yet - probably 4-7 plus my 3. Inspired by scooby doo and helen moss adventure island books. Think maybe bit young for murder mystery but quite fancy something bit like that with clues emerging during the party for an overall conclusion, but open to considering any ideas.

partyprincesz Wed 04-Sep-13 06:26:12

Empty jewelry box, footprints cut out of construction paper, finger prints (dip fingers in ink and put on white paper) cut out. These can also be enlarged with a copier. Place jewelry box in center of table (you will put clues for the jewel hunt inside). Place finger prints on and around. Footprints go on walls (clues will be on the backside), floor etc.
Also, use appropriate graphics to spice up the room - Carmen San Diego or Scooby and the Gang.


Upon Arrival: As the guests arrive trace their footprint on a piece of paper and lightly write their name on the back (for later game). Place their Secret Agent badge on them, previously made on a computer and laminated. They then proceed to have each thumbprint taken and applied to a small card with their information on it (name, ID #, age, etc). Have them then stand in front of the an area covered with cardboard and question marks as the backdrop. Take their picture with an instant camera. The kids can hold up a magnifying glass, wear glasses and a black hat and tell them to make the most serious face they can long enough to snap the camera.

Find the Jewels (a treasure hunt): Pass out the briefcases. Kids use their decoder watches to figure out clues to take them to a small sacks of jewels (bags filled with chocolate coins and colorful candies. This may take some time.

Foot Print Detective (police lineup style)- each child takes a turn figuring which foot print was who's (loads of fun)

Pillowcase Clue Scramble - I place 20 some odd objects into a pillow case (ball, Q-tip, eraser, dice, notepad, paintbrush, etc.) and each child got to feel inside. Go down the line then started over with a 1 minute time limit to "report" their findings individually.

you can also hire birthday party characters to add more fun in the party.

3birthdaybunnies Wed 04-Sep-13 13:34:16

Thank you some good ideas.

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