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Present ideas - in laws?

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RoadsTwo Thu 22-Aug-13 11:33:52

So I always zip onto MN when I'm hunting for present ideas for ANYONE and was wondering whether it would be worth starting a few different threads with ideas on that we could all speedily refer to?

I'm currently buying for the in-laws for their wedding anniversary (40 years!!!!) so am hunting out some gifts. Any ideas?


Lots of ideas

Family portrait with all the relatives (trying this one, but logistics are a nightmare)

Any others? I'm waiting to hear all of your creative inputs smile

raisah Sat 24-Aug-13 05:32:01

My fail safe gifts for ladies are Indian shawls which I buy from sari shops for no more than £10 & they look a lot more expensive than they are.

For Jewellery I buy pieces from Bees

Also customised hampers, I buy the baskets from the pound shop and buy items to go in either from supermarket BOGOF offers or costco. The wholesalers works out cheaper when doing multiple hampers. For eg I bought 6pks of Dowe Egberts coffee for £9. Costcos does have membership options for members of the public so its worth getting one particularly with Christmas coming up.

MyChocolate Thu 29-Aug-13 13:47:00

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