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Baby shower uk

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Stace25 Tue 23-Jul-13 21:46:00

I'm becoming a first time mother and my friends are very keen on a baby shower ideas. Firstly I want to be involved as much as I can (I'm always the organiser in the group and not too keen on surprises like this) but more than happy to be a part of.
I know it's more of an American tradition but I do think its nice to get a load of my girls and family together before baby comes as it will be pretty hectic afterwards!! :-) I really want to write on the invites either no presents expected or something like if you would like to bring a little gift bring along some mum and newborn essentials to add to out 'hamper basket' eg a pack of wipes some baby bath lotions etc.... Do you think this is wrong in asking and what wording can I use on the invites without sounding ungrateful or cheeky. Reason I don't want actual baby outfits and gifts are we don't know the sex of the baby so everything is going to be all unisex most of which we probably already got plus I don't want people to feel pressured into bringing something to the shower and something for when the baby actually comes!!!! Any advice/thoughts PLEASE!!!!
Thank you :-)

attheendoftheday Tue 23-Jul-13 22:14:35

Sorry, but I think baby showers have a bad reputation as a 'give me a present' party. If you must have one I'd clearly state 'no presents' to avoid people's bad preconceptions.

I think most people will prefer to bring a present when the baby's born.

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