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DS will be 8 and wants a tea party at home

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justpoppy Mon 22-Jul-13 14:01:41

In theory this should be much easier than the full class parties I've done before but in reality it fills me with dread! What can I do with 6 boys for the duration of the party? What should I feed them? What if they don't all get along and get bored. The house is plenty big enough (garden not so much) and they can all sit at the kitchen table to eat but I need to plan what to do with them if they don't just go off and do their own thing.

4forkssake Mon 22-Jul-13 15:33:50

DS had his 7th party at home (with 11 of them). I planned games (pass parcel, pin tail, treasure hunt, game where you're in teams with gloves on & have to cut up mars bar & eat with plastic knife & fork etc). All they wanted to do was play Skylanders & Lego. Had to force them to eat & to do pin tail & treasure hunt (which they loved). Just have some games as stand by (I did lucky dip of prizes so they could choose if they won). Maybe a movie to watch or computer games to play. The chances are they'll occupy themselves, especially outside in good weather. Our party lasted 2 hours & could've happily been 30 mins longer! Have fun (& wine on standby wink)

4forkssake Mon 22-Jul-13 15:35:31

Oh & food, instead of party food I did hot dogs & buns, pizza, oven chips, sweet corn, fairy cakes & chocolate fountain grin. Went down a storm!

justpoppy Mon 22-Jul-13 15:41:22

Thanks 4. I think I'm possibly overthinking it a bit and need to get back to the basics of a good old fashioned birthday party!

Calabria Mon 22-Jul-13 16:15:26

Do you have a park or beach nearby?

We are near a beach (three minute walk) and for DD's party at the weekend we took eight 8/9 year olds and let them hunt the rock pools for a good hour.

Then home for a barbecue (sausage in a bun, chicken drumsticks, birthday cake and DIY ice cream sundaes). They pretty much entertained themselves while waiting for food, even in our tiny garden.

My husband gave them a short list of things to find on the beach and rocks.

It all went surprisingly well.

Perhaps a sort of treasure/nature hunt in a park?

stickortwist Mon 22-Jul-13 18:16:14

At this age my boys loved an age appropriate film or lego and takeaway pizzas (big treat here as dolminos dont deliver). If weather ok they also like playing in garden / football.

Debs75 Mon 22-Jul-13 18:23:29

These parties sound so much better then the overpriced kids entertainers or soft play parties. I love the idea of a beach party. Just a pity we live almost an hour from the beach

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