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Timings for 3yo birthday party

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ccridersuz Wed 17-Jul-13 04:53:35

Soft play will suffice, 3 year olds have a very short attention span for organised games, I suggest food at about 1.30 as they will have worn themselves out and it saves on them being sick whilst playing, which can happen and which you could get a bill for.
As for food they will not eat butties when there are other nicer things to eat, so it's not worth while wasting the money. I have done a few parties for this age group and apart from the actual birthday cake, I would suggest a party bag for each child to dive into and a nice ice lolly.

Cucumberscarecrow Tue 16-Jul-13 09:08:07

We are having a party in a soft play place. We have the soft play area and party room for two hours from 12pm.

Can anyone help me with a timetable? When do I do the birthday tea? How long should that take? Do I need to organise any games or will soft play suffice?

Thank you!

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