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party boxes and bags

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party245 Mon 01-Jul-13 11:28:41

Please can anyone advise if there are any reasonably priced large party bags (to fit an A4 sized book) available. I have not been able to find any on ebay at all, not even expensive ones.

Also best sources for party boxes for the food, they can be plain.

Many thanks.

Steamedcabbage Mon 01-Jul-13 11:38:30

I can't say I have ever seen party bags that would fit an A4 book I'm afraid (could be wrong but am on party sites fairly regularly).

Could you buy white A4 (or brown) envelopes and get your dc to decorate with stickers/attach a lollipop/whatever???

[Actually have just Googled and found these on Amazon - best check size - and these but latter too expensive I imagine.
Might be possible to make similar ones out of old white sheets though.

party245 Mon 01-Jul-13 14:43:23

Thanks for the suggestions. The paper bags are a possibility. I might make fabric bags for a girls party where they might reuse them but this is for a boys.

Any other ideas??

raisah Sun 07-Jul-13 16:24:19

Have you checked Hobby craft or the yellow moon company? I would check the yellow moon company first & then Hobbycraft.

babybouncer Sun 07-Jul-13 22:24:48

I gave out books with stickers in for DS' party last week and as I couldn't find bags big enough for the I just wrapped them in themed wrapping paper and wrote 'thank you for coming to my party' on. Seemed to go down well.

NaturalBaby Sun 07-Jul-13 22:51:22

We've been given a4 activity books wrapped in regular wrapping paper along with a regular party bag with the usual sweets, toy, cake.

celebmum Sat 13-Jul-13 15:19:34

can you use gift bags? those blue/silver/green holographic type ones? £shop do a good range of gift bags? smile

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