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1st Birthday end of the month and don't know what to do

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TheLadyVanishes Thu 01-Jun-06 10:03:28

my family work and they will not be able to make any kind of party we decide to have, my mum has been poorly and just finished chemo and at the moment has agreed to come over as has MIL. I would rather do the cake thing with just dh and dd and tell anyone else that we will go see them, however my MIL is a pain and she gets upset if she is not the first to know anything about dd. I don't want my family to feel left out and not involved and just have her here iyswim but i don't want to appear mean and exclude her. Just don't know what to do i want to enjoy dd 1st bd but am worrying now

gigglinggoblin Thu 01-Jun-06 10:11:32

for ds1s 1st birthday we went to the butterfly house up the road from us. he loved trying to catch them as they fluttered past and it was something a bit different. went out to a baby friendly cafe for lunch, then had a few people over for sandwich tea and cake. dont get stressed about it, 1st birthdays are more for the parents benefit than the birthday boy/girl! tell them if they want to come over for an hour they can (specify what time, just before bed is good cos then you have an excuse to throw them out), otherwise go and see them the day after. and if they sulk its their own problem. you dont have to do a big party, little ones often dont enjoy them anyway. hope you have a nice day

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