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How much does a child Party cost???

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zouise Thu 20-Jun-13 10:59:41

Hello I have a couple of questions i would like my fellow party discussion'ers to consider and comment on smile

How much does the average birthday party cost?
How much does a parent spend on their childs birthday?

Ive been looking around and birthday parties these days can cost a fortune!! Our local play center charges 8.99 a head for rubbish frozen food, pathetic party bags and no games - just an hour and half in the soft play. Soft play center's are great when its raining or on a cold day but i find the birthday parties very impersonal...then i got thinking!!

Would parents pay to have a party DIY package prepared specific to their child? Everything you need to throw your own childs party; themed party bags (filled), plates, cups, napkins, decorations, hats, blowers, games, prizes and the list goes on -
Would you pay for the party food to be made catering for your little guests?
If you ordered in your party food would you chose - finger buffet? or; Individual food boxes?

I kinda like the idea of everything prepared for me...what do you think?? Is it lazy?

babybouncer Thu 20-Jun-13 20:26:26

I do like this idea, but once you've paid someone to do it, it would probably cost the same as going somewhere where they do it for you. I also tend to carried away with themes and organising them so in the end I probably don't really want someone else to do it for me!

Ragwort Thu 20-Jun-13 20:29:43

No, I wouldn't pay for a party, quite honestly I find childrens' parties really easy to organise - a few games/party food - to me there's nothing difficult about it. However we are all different, some people find organising a childrens' party really hard work and would pay - personally I would pay someone to show me how to use my mobile phone more efficiently or download digital photos - no doubt other people can do that with ease grin.

BellaVida Thu 20-Jun-13 20:34:25

I think the people who choose to do the party at soft play centres and the like are happy to pay more for an easy, hassle free option.

I actually enjoy putting a party together, picking a theme, designing invites, choosing decorations, partyware, entertainment. I have total control over the budget and have exactly what I and the children want. Party food is really easy and an be done very cheaply, so I would not pay for catering.

3birthdaybunnies Thu 20-Jun-13 21:10:59

I think bellavida is right, parents either go for the pre organised option or like to do it themselves. Some people might like doing the food but then buy in an entertainer. I think for a truly bespoke party it would cost too much time- as a business you would have to either charge loads or offer the same old options of princess, pirates, etc. You also need to be constantly marketing as there is only so many times in a year that children will enjoy the same entertainer though. The first time Clarance Clown comes they love it, second time they enjoy it, third time he's boring.

You can't replace a parent as you won't be off every night looking on the Internet for the perfect party bag item or the fun game or the great cake. I don't think that my parties cost much less than £9 a head once I add in the mad extra stuff I do, and certainly not if I charged for research time too. I see it though as the equivalent of a SAHM annual review- though the clients are harsher than my manager! I want when my children are older for them to look back and see their parties as highlights of their year. If I did it for someone else then I wouldn't put the same love into it.

Also you need to consider whether you actually want to spend all your Saturdays entertaining other children. I think that is the thing that scares parents the most. Most parents can pick up some tat and some crisps but they draw the line at entertaining 30 5year olds. I think that most mad parents like me who plan their own parties wouldn't give up the control and parents who don't plan them themselves go for the simple options.

It would be fun work but I think you need to choose your market wisely. People who would recruit a wedding or party planner maybe but not the average parent who is happy with a soft play area.

preeti222 Mon 01-Jul-13 05:31:55

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ragged Mon 01-Jul-13 07:06:51

£9/head sounds about typical.

Sort of mentally I presume a birthday party will set me back £200. Whether it's at soft play or swimming pool. Even a day out at the Adventure theme park is pushing £100+ by the time you add in travel expenses, snacks, 1-2 guests and an adult entry fee.

DC don't get invited to many parties and I hear about few parties so I think maybe there aren't actually many parties. Because many folk can't afford £9/head and I don't think OP can offer her service for much less,either.

olivo Tue 02-Jul-13 20:07:20

I am currently organising my Dds 4 th birthday party. I am doing it all myself. So far, £45 for a hall (4 hrs although the party is 2 hrs), £65 for a bouncy castle with slide, friend doing face painting but £13 for set. Themed party bags probably will work out at about £2 a head, balloons a couple of pounds, a gew prizes for traditional party games, and then food. So all in all, about. £150-£170. Over £10 per head as we are not having lots of children, btu this will be the one and only big one for DD and is her last big thing with children she has been at nursery with for over 3 years.

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