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Shirley's party advice part 6 - don't be afraid to interrupt us!

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Tinkerisdead Sun 09-Jun-13 17:06:22

Okay, this is shirley's party advice part 6. Shirley ducked out a while ago and you'll notice us chatting about all kinds of stuff whilst we wait for party planners to barge in.

So, don't lurk, jump in and chat. We'll give you any advice on parties from costumes to cakes....

Tinkerisdead Sun 09-Jun-13 22:06:57

Cross posts threedaughters craft party is perfect but i reckon we can get you a more impressive easy cake idea than that.

Where do you live in the country because i live near the worlds cheapest bestest craft for kids shop in the universe which will be ideal for this. Ive gotta go cos my dd is having a night terror waking the baby one but the others will be along again soon im sure.

Blatherskite Sun 09-Jun-13 22:10:18

That dragon party for my DD we were talking about above's in December. August isn't that far away wink

Craft would be enough of a theme by itself I think and the cake sounds really good. DW has a shop near her that sells mega cheap aprons which you could give out as part of a cheap party bag.

I'll see if I can come up with some craft themed food for you.

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:11:32

Threedaughters - at 5 and 3, I would be inclined to simplify the scavenger hunt a bit, TBH. DD has done a couple at school things where they have cut out shapes (or you could buy cut outs from ebay), and then each child gets a card with pictures of all the shapes they have to collect. The beauty of it is that no one has to be able to read, and you can have multiple age groups - so the shapes which DD3 and her friends need to collect can be hidden in plain view, but won't get snaffled by the older ones, because they are not on their sheets, IYSWIM. You can have some extras in a pocket to drop strategically for anyone who is struggling.

You could do craft themed shapes (paintbrush, pot, pencil, easel....)

Would a rainbow craft theme work?

I was going to get them these

with some acrylic paint and maybe some glue and bits to stick on as well. There will probably approximately 6 x 2 and 3 year olds, 10 x 5 year olds and another 7 between 6 and 11. Out of those there will be 5 boys.

I thought I could do a cake similar to the canvas in the link.

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:18:40

How old is DD1? Could she be appointed to help the little girl with the walker if she wants /needs it?

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:21:06

I can't follow your link, but one of the bargain shops had some great mini canvases with easels for 99p each which I was seriously tempted to buy and stockpile (name of shop will come back to me in a moment)

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:22:41

The Works.

I have to say my cakes are pretty awful! Could I cheat and buy a cheap plan white iced cake and just decorate it myself?

I live in Plymouth so pretty much as far away from civilised society as possible grin we are getting hobby craft at some point but don't imagine they will be cheap.

Yes the aprons to use and then to take home is a good idea. DD2 went to a party last year where the parents put a load of craft stuff in the garden so the DC could make stuff and she got to keep her apron.

I'm getting excited now smile

DD1 is 12 in December, maybe I should start planning her party as well grin

Sorry I forgot to convert the link

Tinkerisdead Sun 09-Jun-13 22:27:05

I'm back.

Personally if you make it a craft party i'd leave the scavenger hunt, esp if they vary in ages. I'd give more time over to actual crafts. At my dd1's rapunzel party we had different stations so kids could move around to different activities otherwise you'll have all them kids wanting to paint at one time.

*So a colouring/drawing table printed sheets for littlies and plain paper for older kids.

*Playdoh/airdry clay/salt dough sculpting option

*cake/biscuit decorating

*fabric pens - decorate a mini tote bag to use as their party bag?

Im just thinking of ways you can spread the ages/abilities without having to play formal games other than the usual musical statues/pass the parcel. For my dd's birthday i got some great lantern kits from bakerross on clearance so have a look to see if you can get any kits.

My partybags were tiny canvas/easel packs from the works and a mini paint pallette so rather than using it as an activity you could use your canvas idea as your giveaway item.

DD1 is 11 but has been hinting that she wants to invite her friend who also has to use a walker but is a lot older. She would definitely love to help both of them.

I think we have a works in town so I might try and make a trip into town when I can to have a look, thank you.

Tinkerisdead Sun 09-Jun-13 22:34:59

mini canvas and easel

Baker ross have lots on clearance like colouring sun catcher sets/stained glass/finger puppets.

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:35:36

Your canvas idea would work really well with a bought cake. Get gel colours, if you can, and use vodka to clean brushes, and try not to get it too wet, or the colours will run. Other than that, you are just painting a picture smile

Thank you for you advice and the link for the canvas, I will take a look now.

I will be back soon for other advice on things like food.

Tinkerisdead Sun 09-Jun-13 22:40:35

Oooor now hear me can buy food colouring pens proper ones that are like felt tips, what if you let the older dd and friends draw/paint all over the cake as their activity. Could they be trusted to do it nicely as its shared?

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 22:43:09

I have not had great experience with those pens, TBH.

DD1 isn't the most artistic person I have met plus a little on the clumsy side so not sure I would trust her with a cake to be honest. I was just thinking of something very basic like a house scene. I have to admit I would normally just go to Asda or pay somebody else to make one. blush

NonsenseTalker Sun 09-Jun-13 23:05:09

Found you!

Another random panic!
So as DS will be 4, he will have a superhero party, but to tie in for DD who will be 1, I would like to do her a superheroes in training party.
What can I do to go with that? To be fair, she's not really going to have any friends there for her, they will mostly be mutual and older so I don't want to go mad, but if I do superhero only I feel like it looks as if we aren't really trying to tailor any of it to her. She deserves her own party-lite I feel!

I was going to do masks as invites. Could I still do those for the in training aspect? What if there are siblings who factor in both groups? Two invites?
Should I just stick to superheroes only?
I feel that it is late and I am tired and not making any sense.

Haven't looked at the cakes yet, but could you do individual round cakes, iced in the correct colours as the actual caterpillar?

NonsenseTalker Sun 09-Jun-13 23:10:59

Looks like I'm talking rubbish about the cake!!!! shock

stealthsquiggle Sun 09-Jun-13 23:14:23

Nonsense - you could make /buy DD's costume (as previously discussed smile) in advance, or indeed just "borrow" a picture of JackJack Incredible, and make the invitation for "superheroes and miniheroes" to make it clear? That, and her own cake for photo opps, should cover it IMHO.

Plopsicle Mon 10-Jun-13 11:07:19

Good morning party experts

I'm looking for ideas for the contents of party food boxes for DD's 5th birthday party, its 2-4pm so not really covering a main meal time.

What tends to go down well? I've only ever done soft play parties with food included in the past.


Tinkerisdead Mon 10-Jun-13 12:26:14

Hi plopsicle can i call you plops cos it makes me laugh?

I did food boxes for my dd's 4th. I put a sandwich (jam and ham were most requested) a pot of grapes, a babybel, a few mini party rings, a jelly pot (it may have been a frube actually) and a fairycake that i'd decorated with their initial. I then put big bowls of crisps out. I got fruit shoot style drinks from morrisons as they dont contain aspartme which puts some people off them.

Blathers will tell you to do pizza slices instead of sandwiches and in hindsight i wish i had as less work chucking a slice of that than making sandwiches. There was very very very little wastage.

NonsenseTalker Mon 10-Jun-13 13:40:49

That's a good idea Stealth. I am totally making her costume! (SIL's LO is having a Cinderella party this month and I can't get a baby costume anywhere so I am having a practice run for this) wink

I agree with DW for party boxes. TBH, I never do sandwiches as they are always wasted at my parties, so I would just do snack items. Cocktail sausages are always first to go but I'm not sure if that would work in a box. Helpful, aren't I?

Plopsicle Mon 10-Jun-13 16:13:44

Do you think I could get away with not doing sandwiches? I'd rather just chuck a load of little snacky bits in (I'm a lazy sod aren't I!) my kids ae not sandwich fans at all and never touch them at parties.

Those all sound like great suggestions Thedoctorswife

stealthsquiggle Mon 10-Jun-13 16:22:15

Absolutely - no one will miss sandwiches, especially as it is timed to be party tea, rather than a "real" meal

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