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Where can you get FACE PAINT (not online)

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99redballoons Sat 27-May-06 17:37:32

Where can you buy face paint ? Didn't really want to buy online. Was thinking Woolworths? Also, do they come with some pictures as guides or does anyone know of a book with ideas? Trying to get arty dh to have a go at ds' party! We need to get practicing! TIA.

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sat 27-May-06 17:40:36

I have a really nice set of proper face paints and brushes... will try and remember where they are from!

BadHair Sat 27-May-06 17:45:04

ELC have them.

99redballoons Sat 27-May-06 17:46:33

great! thanks.

chatee Sat 27-May-06 17:48:45

fantastic faces and five minute faces are books by snazaroo who also make really good paints

usborne also used to have a book too

99redballoons Sun 28-May-06 20:06:28

thanks! will look out for them.

SueW Sun 28-May-06 20:15:52

Snazaroo are the bee's knees. Their website also has step=-by-step on how to paint some faces.

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