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What if I need a really big party bag?

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babybouncer Sat 01-Jun-13 14:56:01

I'm doing a dinosaur themed party and I've found a set of Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs books for about a pound each and I thought it might be nice to give each kid a book, a 15p sheet of stickers and cake. But... the books are quite big (21cm squarish) so won't fit in a normal party bag. Any ideas what I could do instead?

thekingfisher Sat 01-Jun-13 14:58:03

Ummm just give them the party bag needed with stickers slotted inside?

notso Sat 01-Jun-13 15:02:39

I would either wrap up the book and stickers and put the cake in the party bag or buy some coloured plain paper bags from Ebay, you could decorate them or get DC to do it.

TittyBojangles Sat 01-Jun-13 15:03:16

Wrap them in dinosaur themed paper?

FriskyHenderson Sat 01-Jun-13 15:36:37

I would say wrap them up and give the cake separately in a cake box (or foil)

daisydoodoo Sat 01-Jun-13 15:38:18

Ebay for plain paper bags. Or poundland have packs of three gift bags that sound like they would fit.

Sativa Sat 01-Jun-13 15:44:08

Another suggestion for the gift bags from the pound shop. I've had this problem in the past as the gifts are often too big for the small plastic party bags.

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