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Forest party activities?

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attheendoftheday Sun 02-Jun-13 12:47:36

Guess you're having the party this weekend. How did it go? It's nice weather for you at least.

preeti222 Mon 27-May-13 06:47:46

How about treasure hunt ?

Party Princess Productions

Idbeloveandsweetness Thu 16-May-13 22:21:16

Following on from my party bag thread...

How much should I plan for a forest party? We go to forest school anyway so I know the sort of things the forest leader does but wanted a couple of different things to make it special for ds, otherwise it might just seem like a normal forest school session but with cake! A couple of the party guests go to forest school too so would like a few more birthday themed activities...

I was planning on maybe doing a really basic things to find sheet - two different leaves, one mini beast, a coloured pine cone (hidden already) and those that wanted to do it could and then get a little prize.

Also having some wooden circles to decorate and make into necklaces.

There will be the usual forest school stuff of mud kitchen, den building and mud painting.

I am also doing pass the parcel with a bug themed prize (bug magnifier) to do round the fire. I'm planning on keeping everything optional, if they'd rather be den building and mud painting than doing pass the parcel that is all good but if they want to play they can.

I'm trying to keep it relaxed because forest school mentality is very much about letting the children lead. But I'm afraid it goes against my nature and I need to be organised and preferably have a minute by minute schedule.

Will have the campfire going and they will be cooking marshmallows and sausages and at the end I will hand round cupcakes and we can sing happy birthday to ds. He will be 4 by the way but guests go up to age 11 and I think there will be 15 or 16 children in total.

It will last for two hours. I am starting to twitch about the weather despite my initial blasé attitude. Please please please god don't let it piss it down.

Could everyone say a little prayer for me for the first weekend in June that it is lovely lovely weather? Or at least dry, dry is fine. Dry is excellent.

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