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harry potter party for 10 year old girl

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wheredoistartmrs Tue 14-May-13 14:43:30

he I'm on a budget and want to do a harry potter birthday party forva 10 year old.what games can I do? I really need to do a cake or buy a cheap one, bit of a rubbish baker

thank you.

wheredoistartmrs Tue 14-May-13 15:42:18


RibenaFiend Tue 14-May-13 16:13:56

Hiya! I appreciate you saying you're on a budget.. Are we talking £20? £50? How many children? Are you having the party at home?

wheredoistartmrs Tue 14-May-13 17:24:15

I was thinking 4 girls to sleepover.about £50 to spend.

wheredoistartmrs Tue 14-May-13 17:24:27

I was thinking 4 girls to sleepover.about £50 to spend.

RibenaFiend Tue 14-May-13 22:55:34

Ok... My initial ideas:

Instead of party favours, have the girls decorate their own cloak? (I'd buy a sheet of black material- nothing expensive. An unfitted bottom bedsheet for a large bed may suffice! Cut, hem and put Velcro on the neck) decorate with fabric pens?

Potions lesson?
Give each girl a glass milk bottle (flask) or a cauldron (bowl!) and let them loose on snape's store- possibly place everything on a plastic tablecloth?! Thinly cut celery can be dragon's toenails, rename a pinch of different herbs and spices in eggcups or ramkins thinks like powdered newt, dried frogs liver etc and let them get mixing! Include lemon juice (pixie sneeze) and vinegar mixed with red food colouring (troll blood) and LOTS of bicarbonate of soda (unicorn dandruff?!) so eventually their potions will fizz and bubble!!!

Have them work together to draw/decorate a large griffindor banner (on lining paper) for their "dorm room"

Curling up together to watch a movie is a MUST IMO!!!

Pretzel sticks dipped in melted white chocolate to make a handle= wands

Thick veggie Soup= Poly juice potion

Jelly beans= Bertie botts every flavour beans

Cream soda with a little toffee colouring =butter beer

Are you crafty? Could you teach them how to knit elf socks?!!

I'll be back!!!

wheredoistartmrs Wed 15-May-13 08:36:08

thanks ribenafiend what brilliant ideas

RibenaFiend Wed 15-May-13 12:48:13

I LOVE party planning wheredoistartmrs! My problem is that I churn out ideas and then run out of time/money to execute them!!!
PLEASE tell me when to stop! this is the best distraction ever!

Make the invitations. Send out letters from Hogwards. Print them in a lovely italics script, "age" the paper with cold tea then fold them and seal with a blob of red candle wax. That's also a task your DD can be heavily involved in! Use the text from Harry's letter in the philosopher's stone as your guide and tailor it to your DD!

Identify the edible! Offer various greenery, I'm thinking everything from basil and mint still on the plants so it needs to be picked" To cucumber, lettuce etc and encourage a "scientific style" tasting of professor sprout's plants! (You can then leave this out for the food later as well!)

Are you a cake pops person? (I'm really not!) but I'm sure you could decorate cake pops to be golden snitches, quaffles, bludgers!... As I'm highly unlikely to EVER attempt a cake pop I would probably make these on either round biscuits or crackers

Liquorice wands (normal liquorice with a chocolate "handle")

Cake wise. DON'T stress yourself out. There's nothing worse than running the party, creating and preparing loads for it and then becoming totally over worked up over the cake, especially if you're not that confident. Yes you can buy one. OF COURSE YOU CAN! just get a little creative (or rather, get the girls to!) You can buy ready iced, plain sponge cakes. Just a blank canvas. (something like £6 in tesco) buy some writing icing and set your house elves to work decorating a "Magical" cake for your DD. provide sweets and other gubbins, ensure that they stick to the whole "Magical" idea and EH VOILLA! A totally unique, made with love, PERFECT cake created by house elves!!!

wheredoistartmrs Wed 15-May-13 15:11:03

ribenafiend please don't stop.thank you so much you have give me some brilliant ideas

Thelighthousekeeper Sun 19-May-13 11:18:15

You can get Harry Potter icing sheets on Ebay to put on cakes. My Harry Potter obsessed 8 year old loved hers!

CorrieDale Mon 17-Jun-13 22:13:47

I am doing a joint hp party for my dc. It's likely to be the last big party so I am throwing everything at it!

Transfiguration- turn a loo roll into an owl. Just fold down the top to make ears and decorate!

Potions - washing soda essential oil and food colouring in a jar.
Slime with borax and glue

Wand making - roll paper into a tight wand, glue and paint.

Basilisk tag - like freeze tag!

Troll piñata / probably not great for yours!

I am putting a marauders map into the party bags but the girls might like to make their own?

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