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Son's 5th football party-bit of advice needed,in particular re siblings!

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Rosvita Wed 01-May-13 22:02:06

Hi all, just after a bit of advice really re my son's upcoming football party...
He asked for a football party and the only leisure centre that would offer this for this age near us was a bit too far away I felt for parents to travel to drop off kids,go home and come back anyway I have ended up booking the local church hall (attached to their school) and a football party coach who will cater for up to 15 kids although he said it doesn't matter if a couple extra turn up.
My questions are what do I do about siblings?i don't know what to do with my own 2yo dd during the party (as she's too young to be able to join in properly) let alone other people's siblings and I worry that people will assume as it's in the church hall that can obviously hold lots of people that numbers aren't limited which of course they are. Thought of putting 'drop-offs welcome' on the invite-'no siblings' felt rude,having a table with crayons/drawing books etc for younger siblings.
How far in advance should I send out the invitations? It's not until 28th july and I'm worried as they break up from school on 24th that people won't come (was only date I could do due to work) and for some reason I'm worried that someone else will do a party on the same day and time!
Thanks in advance.

DeskPlanner Thu 02-May-13 10:19:54

Don't stress smile . People will come, probably a good time to have it, as hopefully people won't have gone away yet.
It's fine not to invite siblings. I don't know anyone that takes siblings along to parties. It's only ever the child named in the invite. However I'm one off the few who seem to think this, if you go by all the threads on here.

gerbilsarefun Thu 02-May-13 10:34:03

I agree with DeskPlanner, siblings shouldn't be automatically invited, unless it's a soft play type party when the general public are there too, and the sibling is paid for separately, but the sibling doesn't sit at the party table and eat the food. Sometimes it's useful though, if some children don't turn up, you can fill the spaces with a sibling or two. I would say to send invites out about a month before the party.

Rosvita Thu 02-May-13 13:32:00

Thanks guys I'm probably just over-thinking things. See I sometimes take my 2yo dd to parties her older brother is invited to but only if it's a saturday morning as my husband works and there's no-one to have her but I always ask in advance and has only been at disco parties where there is no extra charge to the host for her or soft play parties where I pay her admission and to have food separate from the party guests.Now he's settled in at his new school (only started there after feb half-term) I guess I could start leaving him at parties if I need to. I'm just a paranoid parent and the thought of leaving him at certain parties (eg. bouncy castle, lots of kids) without me there worries me!
I have spoken to most of the mum's now, even if only a few words, so I guess I'll just send out the invites to each individual child and then take it from there-can discuss with them re siblings.

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