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Party etiquette - mega confuses

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yellowsunflowers Mon 15-Apr-13 22:57:49

Hi, it's my daughters 5th b'day soon and I'm really stuck.

we can hav a max of 10 children for the party due to the cost per child.

Is it really bad manners not to invite the children whose parties she has been to? She hasn't expressed any eagerness to invite them but I'm worried their parents will b annoyed if they're not invited.

secondly, we'll pay for the children's entry, but is it bad manners to ask the accompanying parents to pay for their own entry?

thanks very much in advance for any advice.

123rd Mon 15-Apr-13 23:07:27

I would ask DD who she wants to invite. Don't worry about keeping up with who invited who to a previous party. And as a parent I definitely wouldn't expect the host to pay for adults.

squiddle Mon 15-Apr-13 23:09:20

I second 123

5madthings Mon 15-Apr-13 23:09:51

I invited who ,y son wanted to invite, some people he had been to their parties, others not.

Don't do reciprocal invites, many kids have awhile class parties, it would be madness.

The soft play parties I go to let the parents in for free or minimal cost of £1 for parents accompanying party goers.

5madthings Mon 15-Apr-13 23:10:21

And I don't expect the host to pay for adults either.

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