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Help! DD's 2nd birthday party - think I have bitten off more than I can chew!

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Bozza Wed 10-May-06 14:46:41

DD's 2nd birthday party on Sunday at home. The forecast is for rain which is a downer because I have ordered a bouncy castle and was planning on putting the play tunnel/tent, various ride-ons etc out and letting the kids get on with it.

So what I need is alternative indoor entertainment. I can handle the food/party bag/cake side of things. But what would you do stuck in a house for two hours with the following children plus a similar number of adults:

Boy 5.4
Boy 5.3
Boy 4.10
Girl 3.11
Boy 3.0
Girl 2.4
Girl 2.4
Girl 2.2
Girl 2.0
Boy 1.7
Boy 1.3
Boy 1.1

Is it worth doing pass the parcel and musical bumps or not? We live in a typical 4 bed newbuild - living room with double doors to dining room, largish kitchen, hall.

Twiglett Wed 10-May-06 14:48:17

creative stuff on dining room table .. I'd do paper plate fish and glue sticks with loads of pretty cut up paper to stick on

then let them run round

no organised games

hahahahahahaa ... mine is done and dusted <lalalalalallaaaaa>

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 14:52:31

But where will I put the food?

(sorry am getting my knickers in a twist about this one. why does it have to rain on sunday?)

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:06:33

Maybe I could set up a craft on the kitchen table and they could do it staggered - kitchen table is only small. Hmmm...

tassis Wed 10-May-06 15:15:45

I'd definitely do crafts. You could get them to decorate party hats for wearing at the meal?

The oldest 5 would probably like musical statues and bumps which means the wee ones will copy and join in a bit too.

Things like hokey kokey and copy me do or everybody do this just like me (think they might be from the tweenies??) or farmers in his den work well too if you're confident to sing - go for it!

I'd do pass the parcel for sure.

What about a hunt? We did an egg hunt as ds' b'day (Easter Monday) but a friend of mine used to hide wee animals round the house.

Balloons keep them busy for a while.

Maybe the sun'll defy the forecast! Hope it's fun and not too stressful.

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:19:17

God you're mad.
Ds's second birthday will be champers and nibbles for grown ups.

However,have entertained this many children indoors before and what they love,love,love is being bossed around (don't we all,hence the call for personal trainers and life coaches?)
Get the loudest bossiest adult to supervise musical cahirs,statues,pass the parcel and so on.
One hour for games
One hour for eating
Clear off home.

Done and dusted.

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:20:09

I just wonder if I have space to do much with so many adults cluttering the house up. TBH the oldest 3 are DS and his two reception pals (who also have younger siblings) and I am not that bothered about entertaining them. So was really wanting activities aimed more at the 2yos IYSWIM. Party hats might go down well with vain little DD.

And me singing in front of a roomful of adults.

eefs Wed 10-May-06 15:21:31

I think thoses ages would make pass the parcel a complete nightmare so I wouldn't bother. IMO only a game suitable from the age 4 and up.
The crafts sound great though, let them just run riot - they don't neccessarily need organised activities.

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:21:48

Yes I realise that I am mad moondog, rather belatedly, hence the angst. Do you think that party games are a goer with so many young children in a confined space?

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:22:45

Bozza,they will be dead impressed at your panache.
Sit parents down with a glass of wine (they will be delighted) and grit your teeth.

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:23:48

Party games fine with the littlies.
If you need help,shout out or else the parents wioll sit like arses,secretly grateful that someone else is doing all the work.

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:24:54

Oh yes have ordered 6 bottles of vino from Asda. I know how to do that bit. I know the parents will be impressed because I will be making DD's cake myself, am making butterfly buns and quiche. It's that easy.

So just the kids to sort....

tassis Wed 10-May-06 15:28:23

oooh, a bubble machine. get one of those

unless it's actually pouring I'd definatley make them play outside.

I've been to lots of 2nd b'day parties where pass the parcel has been successfully done. wee ones just sit on adults knees and make sure you have same number of layers as children and everyone gets a turn.

spots Wed 10-May-06 15:29:06

can you bear a mess Bozza? if so, syrup coated scones suspended from strings which must be eaten with hands behind back... always a laugh...

and music for silly dancing (Mana Mana from muppets my fave... you have to stand up or sit down on each 'manamana')

and if you want details of giggly game called Doggies which appeals to all ages I can provide...

have also been thinking of DD's!! (rain eh? )

spots Wed 10-May-06 15:30:24

silly forfeits under each layer of wrapping paper makes P the P more fun too.

Northerner Wed 10-May-06 15:32:08

Hi Bozza, I had my ds's 4th birthday party at home a few weeks ago and had a few games planned, but tbh none of them were really interested and were happy charging around or dancing.

They did love pass the parcel and pin the mask on spiderman though.

Good luck!

Alipiggie Wed 10-May-06 15:32:09

Pin the tail on the donkey/elephant. Works a treat with prize for nearest. I did pass the parcel and musical bumps, the children of all ages loved that. Why not just tell them to all bring wellies and rain coats and have towels ready. Outside play in the rain is also fun

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:32:20

Spots,you taking the piss with that scone game????
I have broken into a cold sweat just thinkikng of ensuing chaos.....

Top marks Bozza.The hostess with the mostest obviously.

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:33:00

'charging around'
Hmmmmm yes,the under 5s do a lot of that don't they?

spots Wed 10-May-06 15:34:00

was genuinely going to try it myself but admittedly pref. outside!

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:34:09

I'm OK with mess. DH not so good. Go on then, what's this game Spots? And remind when DD1's birthday is? My DD's is Monday with the party on Sunday.

Do you think I can get away with sending them outside tassis? I think the older ones will want to be out on the castle anyway. And it does say light rain...<hopeful emoticon>...

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:37:23

Could hang the scone from the pergola? It is partially screened by a passionflower? So would only get occasionally dripped on!

And moondog are you taking the piss about my culinary skills? At least I have not included instant gravy on the menu. Was actually wondering about making mini quiches in a bun tray? What d'you think? Would they come out in one piece?

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:40:06

No Bozza,not at all!
Very impressed.
I can't do cakes meself.
Quiche idea sounds lovley.

moondog Wed 10-May-06 15:41:18

They may break though.
I have little quiche pans with removable bottoms which are slightly smaller than a saucer.
That would be best.

Bozza Wed 10-May-06 15:44:24

Hmmm but I can manage to make mince pies without them breaking. Is there much difference? Other than the obvious of course.

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