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Easter party... inspiration needed !!!!!

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FOURBOYSUNDER6 Tue 26-Mar-13 20:26:17

Ooh it is starting to come together now got ball rolling ! Great smileX

sashh Tue 26-Mar-13 04:50:41

Egg rolling, see how far they can roll an egg, better use hard boiled ones.

Easter snow man competition?

Easter bonnets - any kind of paper/card hat, with a prize for the winner.

jetstar Tue 26-Mar-13 03:44:57

How old are your boys? What about...

Easter egg hunt (with plastic eggs in the garden)
Scavenger hunt
There are lots of Easter craft / baking ideas on Pinterest
Pass the parcel with forfeits
Biscuit decorating (and eating!)

I love parties - hope you have fun (and the sun shines)

FOURBOYSUNDER6 Mon 25-Mar-13 11:20:13

Ok.... We have two weeks school holiday to entertain 4 boisterous boys so last minute idea to arrange an Easter party so they can let off some steam and have some fun ! Gulp ! Range of ages to cater for as big family party....
So far
1 Game : Pin the tail on the donkey bob tail on the Easter bunny ...
2 Baking : crispie cakes Easter nests ie crispie cakes with mini eggs on top
3 Craft ????
4 Music play list ????
5 Menu ???

......... All ideas for more new or adapted games greatly appreciated ! Ditto baking and music playlist ?????

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