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2nd birthday - party or not?

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attheendoftheday Mon 18-Mar-13 21:21:01

Dd1's 2nd birthday is coming up and I can't decide whether I should have a party for her. Last year we had a little tea party for family. I had been planning on doing similar this year, or maybe a family day out, but we've been invited to a few 2nd birthdays recently and it makes me wonder if I should reciprocate.

If I wad going to have a party, I would do something in our village hall (as our house is too small). Dd doesn't really get games yet, but loves going to the local playgroup. I was thinking I could just take a load of our big toys - ride ons, slide, kitchen and so on, as well as a playdoh table, maybe some big cardboard boxes and some big tubs of rice to mess about with. Would that look like I'd made no effort?

If I did have a party I'd have to invite about 8 two year olds and 3 4 year olds (we're in a small rural community and I wouldn't want to offend anyone) - is that manageable? Parents would stay and help, I think. Will the older kids get bored, do you think? If so, what could I do to entertain them?

Thank you for any advice, the prospect of doing a party is giving me palpitations!

jetstar Tue 19-Mar-13 07:38:50

I think a party would be nice and that number sounds ok in a big space like a hall. For our DD's 2nd birthday we did a similar thing with exactly the sort of entertainment you describe and the kids all just loved playing and the parents all stayed. We did pass the parcel as well.
I love planning parties even though I find events stressful at times - so as long as you are up for it then I'd say do it! smile

attheendoftheday Tue 19-Mar-13 08:41:32

Thank you! As long as it doesn't sound awful. I can be a bit anxious about things like this, but I wouldn't want dd to miss out.

I can manage pass the parcel, but will people expect more games do you think?

jetstar Tue 19-Mar-13 16:25:50

I don't think people expect more when they are pre-school age. We didn't do any more games when DD was 2 but we did the hokey cokey as well when she was 3! I find the time seems to go quite quickly and if its a 2 hour party then by the time they've had a play and a game or two and tea then it's time to go!
This year when DD is 4 we might try a pin the tail on the donkey style game or musical bumps maybe, see how I feel at the time!! I usually overplan, because its better to have too much than too little!
Hope you have a fun time (and the kids too grin)

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