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Any recommendations for party entertainers in Enfield area please?

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mckenzie Thu 27-Apr-06 19:31:54

For a party for 5 year olds. I've found some names on the internet but would much rather have a recommendation if possible.


mckenzie Thu 27-Apr-06 20:16:17


champs Fri 19-May-06 01:03:17

theres a fab disco guy who has the secs and lights and a bubble blowing machine. he played at a few of ds1's school bashes and really stood out to me as being really great with the kids. he had a teenager helper too, i'll try and look for card or i'll phone the sch. to find name if it sounds good to you.

champs Fri 19-May-06 01:03:45

secs??? that should be decks

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