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1st Birthday party ideas please!

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chocolateshoes Mon 24-Apr-06 20:33:20

Its our DS's 1st birthday in June. We have booked our villge hall for the afternoon as our house is only big enough for a few people. Obviously DS will be pretty oblivious to the whole thing but I would like to have some kind of theme or, I don't know, activity...???? There'll be a mix of ages from 90yr old Great-Gramps to families with their kids & babies.

Any ideas? Sorry its a bit rambling!!

tangerinecath Mon 24-Apr-06 21:09:03

We had a blow up paddling pool full of those little ball things in the garden for dd's 1st birthday. Went down a storm. Other people I know had sand pits, pass the parcel, things like the hokey cokey and there was a bouncy castle at one 1st party we went to, but they had a massive garden.

Not particularly inspiring but I hope it helps.

nicand2 Mon 24-Apr-06 21:16:53

I bought a 'pulina' for my DS's 1st Birthday, it's a box that hangs up which we filled with gifts and sweets etc and all the children took turns in pulling the strings, it was one of the games which most of the 1 year olds could manage.

chocolateshoes Tue 25-Apr-06 13:01:52

Love the 'pulina' (where can I get one'? nd the paddling pool idea - thanks you two!

Anyone else?

lexiemum Tue 25-Apr-06 22:05:25

if you don't see the older family members often - then they'd probably like to coo over all the pics you've taken this year so maybe put together an album of piccies and then add a few pages for everyone to scribble a message to ds - a nice keepsake that he might just like when he's older?

Caligula Tue 25-Apr-06 22:06:21

I had a barbecue for my DS's first birthday, and he slept all the way through.


nicand2 Wed 26-Apr-06 09:36:25

The pulina was from a mail order company, I think they were called 1st class celebrations they do loads of plates, banners etc for 1st birthdays

chocolateshoes Wed 26-Apr-06 12:59:38

Thanks will try 1st class.

Like the album & message idea too!

Racers Wed 17-May-06 10:20:29

chocolateshoes you can get one of those pulina things at Asda nr. Deepdale (was there the other day buying balloons etc). At least I think that is what it was!

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