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4th birthday but guests ages 3-4, need opinions

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So its DD1s 4th birthday in a couple of weeks. We have booked a hall that has a bouncy castle.

Im wondering about the food. If I just made hotdogs and chips, would that seem really unhealthy? What are the chances that they even like sausages?

If your 3-4 year old went to a party and was served that would you be ok with it or would you rather something different? If so what?

Any suggestions are appreciated. So far doing a buffet is going to be more expensive than that.

Also, would you/do you stay with them at that age? Should I put on enough for the parents? The party is over lunchtime if that makes a difference.

Its the first party in the class so I have nothing to compare it to.

As for party bags, I was thinking a mini pot of playdough and a cutter each. Is that a silly idea?

TIA smile

dinkystinky Wed 16-Jan-13 11:32:05

Its DS2's birthday party in Feb - he turns 4 and his guests are 3 and 4 (plus a few 6 year olds for good measure). We are doing it in the morning so muffins, cupcakes, some sandwiches, crisps, grapes, breadsticks, cucumber sticks, carrot and pepper slices plus cake.

I would expect parents to stay so definitely make enough for parents.

Mini pot of playdough and cutter plus piece of cake sounds fine IMO.

BobbiFleckmann Wed 16-Jan-13 11:38:13

round our way there are lots of vegetarians / non - pork eaters; if you think that's similar, maybe do half fish fingers as well?

redandwhitesprinkles Wed 16-Jan-13 11:39:48

I don't have an issue with hot dog and chips but in slightly middle class west London it may raise a few eyebrows. I know one person who wouldn't allow their child to eat them.

However, I eat them from the tinsmile

How about proper sausages and wedges (assuming there is an oven in the hall). Seems less junk foody maybe.

Oh sorry, when I say hotdogs I mean real butchers sausages in bread rolls! smile

I was thinking I would need an alternative. Fish fingers and maybe some chicken dippers, then all the bases are covered?

Should I put out some veg slices aswell, carrot, pepper? DD1 has never been keen on raw veg so Im not sure what other kids like.

For dessert I was going to have some fruit and some buns. Im just conscious that some parents might find that unhealthy and dont want to have kids that cant eat anything.

dinkystinky Wed 16-Jan-13 14:20:57

I wouldnt worry about it too much wannabe - its a kids party so all rules are relaxed. I'm doing the food we are doing for DS2's party as they are foods he likes (the weird child actually prefers raw veg to hot dogs and chips!).

keely79 Wed 16-Jan-13 14:24:57

You should probably also cater for children who are vegetarian/not allowed to eat things like sausages/have allergies (any religious issues?) - mini cheese sandwiches, humous and carrot sticks, mini cheddars, rice cakes all good options.

cheeseycharlie Mon 11-Feb-13 16:25:19

Bumping this thread as I was about to ask the same question! No-fork no-faff party food ideas for 4yr old party that won't turn anyone's stomach with MRM or E numbers...

Jumbs Mon 11-Mar-13 17:17:52

Vegetarian hot dog sausages! Tesco and sainsbos do own brand. Taste exactly the same but without the nasty meat!
We usually do slices of pizza ( hot or cold) too.

orderinformation Fri 15-Mar-13 22:24:45

Hotdogs and chips perfect. It's a party. Parents not allowing junk food at a party should get over themselves. But if you are worried say on the invite that there will be hotdogs and chips and cake. That way any parent who has issue with it can decline invite or bring their own alternative.

We had the butchers sausages and hotdog baps and chicken dippers. Didnt need chips in the end.

None of the parents complained smile

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