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8 year old party - competition ideas...

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morecakerequired Thu 10-Jan-13 17:05:12

Copying this to chat for more traffic. Hope that's OK.

DS will soon be turning 8 and have been thinking about a competition-themed party for him. Probably about 10 boys in total. We will be holding it in a church hall with a number of smaller rooms available as well as the main hall. Intending to hire a bouncy castle which will be used for general play as well as some competitions. I also want some other competitions set up for them to take part in. Here's what I've got so far...

-Bouncy castle - who can jump the longest without falling over
-Treasure hunt
-Obstacle course
-Who can build the tallest tower from Hula Hoops

More ideas please - esp slightly less energetic ideas as the obstacle course and bouncy castle will be energetic enough I would think so it would be good to give them some variety. Mess is OK as I can cover the floor of the hall.

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