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ideas for DH birthday?

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goneHaywire Tue 08-Jan-13 16:18:26

DHs birthday is in 2 days time! does anyone have any ideas for things we can do?

he's taken the day off so I want to do something during the day so that our DD (6mo) can be involved and I don't have to worry about organising child care

amazingmumof6 Wed 09-Jan-13 02:11:52

maybe not such a bloke thing to do, but he might like the idea of going to a pottery place where you can paint your chosen plate or mug, they will fire it for you and you can go pick it up after a few weeks.
baby can get really involved here as the paints are safe to make hand or foot prints - I think it would be a nice thing to do and a lovely memory.


goneHaywire Thu 10-Jan-13 22:29:50

thanks for the ideas, I'm sure I'll be able to use them at other times.

we went on the emirates air line cable car across the thames between greenwich and royal docks. (its part of the london transport system so costs alot less than an attraction like the london eye.)

then early dinner at the O2 where the staff proceeded to fuss over DD. We all had a great time

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