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Public Indemnity Insurance - for one off birthday party in church hall

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tricot39 Mon 17-Dec-12 19:35:31

Anyone managed to find a cheap insurance company for this sort of thing?

Before you ask - yes it is a condition of hire. yes it is quite common for public spaces to require hirers to get insurance (some include it in fees but others can't be bothered organising/brokering it for you so don't). yes I have checked my home policy and it doesn't cover it......

Aargh - the hall is going to cost £50 to hire. So far an online company has quoted me £49 for insurance! I know other places would be charging about 5-6% of the hall rental fee, so this is OTT, but where do I look?


tricot39 Sun 13-Jan-13 21:11:08

Having found a number of threads where this question has been posed, but noone seems to have posted a good reply, I thought I would come back with an update. were very straightforward and for a one-off children's party charged £26 including taxes/fees etc. Considerably better than the £100 type quotes that all other online providers seemed to offer. I filled in the online questionnaire and they phoned the next day with clarifications. They quoted and took payment over the phone and the documents were all downloadable from their website customer zone. All very simple and straightforward.

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