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Retro kids party food

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laurenamium Mon 10-Dec-12 09:19:32

Im writing the food list for DD 2nd birthday party, there are 30 children going all of different ages and I was hoping to do a bit of a retro food theme- the kind of food that would have been there when I went to one of these parties. But other than one of those spiky cocktail stick hedgehogs my mind has gone blank! Any ideas?

DamnDeDoubtance Wed 12-Dec-12 20:45:37

Pink blamange rabbit on a green jelly grass, or was this just my family. grin

yellowsubmarine53 Wed 12-Dec-12 20:52:27

Mini sausages on cocktail sticks

Cheese and pineapple chunks on cocktail stick stuck into foil covered half grapefruit

Potato sticks

Iced gems and party rings

Thurrocks tea cakes

Agree with blamange and jelly

HappyAsASandboy Wed 12-Dec-12 20:59:41

Pink wafer biscuits smile
Party ring biscuits
Grated cheese sandwiched (triangles, crusts off!)
Cheese and pineapple on sticks
Cocktail sausages on sticks
Fairy cakes
Skips crisps

tethersjinglebellend Wed 12-Dec-12 21:02:45


Make sure everything is nailed down though grin

cyanarasamba Wed 12-Dec-12 21:04:53

Marshmallows, using melted chocolate stick a giant chocolate button to the bottom and a smartie on top.

Mashed banana & chocolate flake sandwiches

Rice Krispie chocolate cakes
Midget Iced Gems
Love Hearts
Sausage rolls
Vol au vents (god I thought I was sophisticated when I had these)
Zoom lollies for afters
Ice cream floats
Cream of soda, dandelion and burdock, or shandy.
yes to blancmange rabbit on jelly grass ( do they still do the mould)
Birthday cake on the shape of the age number - with toasted almonds around the sides and fondant icing on top.

maddiemostmerry Wed 12-Dec-12 21:12:29

Vol-au-vents with jam in.
Jaffa cakes
paste sandwiches
cheese triangle on crackers.
rainbow drops

Greensleeves Wed 12-Dec-12 21:16:03

TUNNOCKS tea cakes, not bloody Thurrocks [twitch]

<undiagnosed Aspie>

traffic light jelly
definitely party rings
Wagon wheels
chocolate fingers

starfishmummy Wed 12-Dec-12 21:18:20

Egg and salad cream sandwiches

laurenamium Wed 12-Dec-12 21:22:56

Thank you everyone! thanks

grin tethers

I'm going to have to own up to not having the foggiest what blamange is so I'm off to google!

Ooh oh forgot Fondant Fancies. You have to have fondant fancies. And jam tarts, and mini rolls.....

Mr. Kipling - total retro dude....

Would a huge glass bowl of Skips/Hula Hoops be taking it too far...?


Anifrangapani Wed 12-Dec-12 21:52:08

Fairy bread - 70s version of Haribo
Stripy jelly
Sausage rolls

SrirachaGirl Wed 12-Dec-12 21:56:03

Can I come? This sounds BRILLIANT!

I would add a creamy trifle of some sort with silver balls and jelly sweets on top (inspired by a My Naughty Little Sister story involving Bad Harry, I think). And lemonade, jelly and ice-cream, fish-paste sandwiches...

tethersjinglebellend Wed 12-Dec-12 21:59:46

Bloody hell, SrirachaGirl, that description of the trifle has taken me right back... I can taste how I imagined it tasting whilst reading the book grin

laurenamium Wed 12-Dec-12 22:05:34

The blancmange bunny looks disgusting! I LOVE IT! Do you reckon I could knock up 30 of these and transport them all without a gooey disaster?

I completely forgot about jam tarts! They are added to my list. I'm so excited grin

Greensleeves Wed 12-Dec-12 22:07:48

that story about Bad Harry's birthday party is one of my favourites!

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