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ice-skating party?

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winterhill Mon 12-Nov-12 07:27:54

My kids have had a couple of skating parties when they were younger.
We then went to Pizza hut next door.

They all loved it.

exoticfruits Mon 12-Nov-12 07:25:46

If they can't skate you need more helpers who can skate - the 2 adults are fine if they can.

bigTillyMint Mon 12-Nov-12 07:09:58

Yes, DD had an ice-skating party for her 10th. It was at the local rink which and several (including DD) could already skate confidently. I don't think I would do one if less than half could skate though as they don't have as much fun and need to be led round,

exoticfruits Mon 12-Nov-12 06:52:36

Yes, a good option. It depends a lot on whether they can all skate.

fruitcorner Sun 11-Nov-12 22:33:50

My dd would like to go to ice rink with friends for birthday trip - there will be an ice rink open as her birthday is near Christmas - has anyone else done this and was it a success? Any tips? We will probably be 2 adults with 7 children

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